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My apologies to all of you who follow my blog. I’m like the laziest blogger in existence. Truthfully, I’ve been terribly busy with other projects, but I am going to attempt to update my stuff on here as time permits. Recently I signed with a new publisher who has acquired ALL my printed titles and is releasing my new ones ( of course).  Here’s the link for my latest and greatest. Buy it, it’s some cheap eh!

I’ve also been working on “The Vision” movie script. By the time it hits the theatres, the vision22name may changed, and the story has morphed. It’s going to be amazing! I also have a television show in development with a National station which has been a very exciting process.  Not to mention I’ve written another book which will be available in a month or so. It is called ‘After the Darkness’.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting me and other local artists. Without you, none of us could survive. I’m very fortunate to live in a place like New Brunswick where people are so generous and quick to help someone who is attempting to create art of many forms. You are the best!


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My name is Jason Lawson and


welcome to 2016. As some of you may have guessed by my last name, I am of Scottish ancestory. Factor in my mother was a Campbell, and you’ll understand my penchant for kilts and bagpipes.

On the Lawson side, we can trace our family tree almost back to when we were swinging in it.  It’s documented history that we were in Scotland for centuries. It’s also documented history that Scotland was persecuted by England for centuries. Mel Gibson’s portrayal of William Wallace in ‘Braveheart’ only gave us a tiny glimpse at the atrocities that were committed against the Scots.

England waged war on Scotland


for centuries. The Scots were beaten down, raped, murdered, massacred, tortured, imprisoned, hanged, butchered, etc.etc. But they kept fighting back with sticks, clubs, pitchforks and whatever they could lay their hands on, eventually driving England back once and for all.

Many of my ancestors (whom I never met) suffered and died during these terrible times. So I’ve decided I want to be compensated for what happened to them. It doesn’t matter that I wasn’t born, or even living on that continent. I still deserve to be paid for what happened to someone else. Don’t I?

Of course I don’t. But there are


many facets of modern society who think they deserve apologies and royalties for things that never happened to them personally. It’s kind of like suing the car driver that almost hit you. Didn’t actually make contact, but it was kinda close…

How are we supposed to make the
world a better place for future generations, when we can’t even take responsibility for ourselves? I don’t think we can until certain sectors of society give their heads a shake and gets over themselves. Happy New Year everyone…

Buy my books eh! All of ’em, twice. N thank you all so much!


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jlw4Let me start of by saying I am a very fortunate person. When I started out writing fiction afew years back, I needed help, lots of it! There were a few &%$#heads that were unapproachable, but most authors were more than happy to help me. Especially those in the WFNB ( Fast forward to  2015. I have 5 novels under my belt, two of which have been optioned for film, one of which is in development right now with Telefilm Canada.

Naturally, I get emails and messages through social media from writers who are just starting out and need help. I never refuse anyone. I remember how much assistance I received, and am glad to return the favor. Not to mention I don’t know everything (far from it) and still need help myself.

However, I routinely receive questions from people that either MAKE NO SENSE or jay 1have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH WRITING!  At first I just ignored the queries, but then I got to thinking. “These people need answers. Who cares if it isn’t answered properly? Politicians never answer questions correctly and they seem to be doing okay.” So here it is, a totally free advice column. Ask me a question and I’ll answer it. Just don’t expect it to actually help….

-Dear Jason, whenever I write I smoke a lot of cigarettes. This pisses off my mother-in-law who lives with us. She keeps telling me that they are bad for my heart and lungs. How can I stop her from nagging me?Serge.                                                                                                                                                     jay 3Hi  Serge.  The next time the old battle axe tells you smoking is bad for your heart and lungs, remind her that so is a rusty spike. Then laugh continuously for at least thirty seconds.  Leave titles of your work lying around where she can see them, like ‘murder for dummies’, ‘eliminating in-laws’, ‘and body-arson on a budget’. She’ll stop nagging and start packing.                                                                                                                                             -Dear Jason, Whenever I sit on my computer writing for long periods of time, I get sore wrists.  Do you think I have carpul tunel syndrome? Pauline.                                                   Hi Pauline.  First thing, stop sitting on the computer. You’ll bust it with your fat a$$, although I have no idea why this would make your wrists sore. Go to your family doctor and get this checked out. You might want to ask for a lobotomy while you are there.  Or a CT scan of your noggin at  least…                                                                                                                                                     -Hey Jason, I just cut down and put up my Christmas tree, now I’m itchy.  Could I be allergic to fir trees? Trevor.                                                                                              jay 4Hey Trevor, it’s possible I guess. Or if you got the tree  near an Irving Plantation you probably got a dose of Glyphosate. But don’t worry about it. It’s perfectly safe, and you’ll be the talk of the town when your cat grows a second head.

 Want a question answered? Contact me through the blog by leaving a comment, (they go to me before they get published) or  message me on social media.  I won’t use your last name, and probably won’t be any help whatsoever. But ya might get a laugh or two…

Buy all of my books eh! follow the link and buy em all twice! Thank you so much! my books

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December Blahs!

What’s great about December? Not much if you’re like me and think Christmas has ad2become a boring, money-sucking, waste of time. Asides from the pleasure I get from spending time with family and friends, this holiday is total bomb… It’s no wonder people get so depressed this time of year. Anyway, I won’t ramble on about it. Check out my archives and you’ll see why I really despise the Ho Ho Ho holiday.

I do enjoy winter though. This one hasn’t been great as far as the weather goes if you’re ac4into snowmobiling, snow-shoeing, skating, or pretty much any activity that requires some cold temperatures. Most days are drizzly, damp, and depressing. If the holiday mud and mire are getting you down, here’s a story that will perk you up. Just click on the link!

This year, if you must give ’em a gift, give ’em one that they can enjoy, cherish and keep until the end of time. That’s right, one of my books, or better yet, all of ’em! my booksHere’s a link that’ll put you in the right place. And thanks!


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This week was an amazing one for me. I received a creation grant from ARTSNB, a branch of the provincial government, to write my next novel. It’s humbling, as there are always more applicants than money to go around. With the financial assistance, I’ll be able to devote ALL of my time to write  the best story possible. And on that note, I’d truly like to thank all of you who have bought my books in the past, and who will buy them in the future. Without all of you, I wouldn’t be able to continue doing this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


It’s that time of year again. Where egg nog fueled, overstuffed, greedy Santas appear on every channel of the boob-tube, begging for us to part with our hard-earned money. I really shouldn’t be such a humbug, but as long as every poor kid out there thinks Santa only likes the wealthy, I’ll always be pissed.

Here’s link for my latest novel, ‘Frack Off’, which is in the running for a Leacock Award, our country’s national contest for literary humor. I am sooooo stoked!!frack-off/c1lfc

And here are links for my other books. Thanks for looking!


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Alright! After much pondering, puzzling and procrastinating, I’ve decided to run for bl3Premier of my province of New Brunswick.  By the looks of things, if I don’t take the reins of the joint pretty soon, nobody is going to want to ‘be in this place.’ There are a multitude of serious issues that are at the forefront of my decision to become your illustrious leader. I’m going to touch on a few of the most pressing and urgent.

1. Buses for everyone! That’s right, why just stop with separate buses for English and bl2French students. What about aboriginals and immigrants? Don’t they deserve to be segregated as well? I’m also thinking we should have buses for bullies, nerds, jocks and divas… Nobody will be left out.  A handy, long and wordy form will be sent by registered mail to every student in the province, allowing them to decide which bus they would like to ride on. Of course, there might not be any schools to send them to once we pay for all the extra buses. But that’s a minor detail.

2. All government jobs will be filled by employees who are multi-lingual. Want to be the bl5janitor in your local government garage? Guess what, you’re going to have to be fluent in English, French, Mi’kmaw, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagalog and German.  Why? Because, maybe once in the next thirty years someone might ask you for more toilet paper in a language a bilingual person may not understand.  So nobody’s going to be left out. Was gibt’s Neues? Kamusta? Je ne comprends pas. You’re fired!

3. It’s time to legalize marijuana. Why? Cause it looks like most of the elected officials in bl4this province are high on something. The rest of us might as well get in on it. Look at Colorado, their economy is booming, while ours is going down faster than slick water in a frack hole. So let’s all get stoned, eliminate our deficit, and act like our current Education Minister.  “Hey tete-carre, get off my autobus!”


4. Instead of just taking seniors’ money when they go to the nursing home, I say we seize bl1all their assets.  And I mean all.  Everything from their army medals, to their false teeth. It’ll all fetch money on the open market.  Then just when they’re nice and cozy, we’ll set them all on an ice flow in the Northumberland Strait. Why? Why not? The current government already opened the door.  I’m going to tear it right off the hinges.

So that’s my top priorities as Premier. Think they are stupid? Think about who you elected. Their idea of common sense is shafting our seniors, raising our taxes, and hiring more buses to segregate our kids while they lay off teachers.  Suddenly, I don’t look so insane…

Buy all of my books eh! Twice. Just click on the link and thanks.



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Buses, Bilingualism, Baloney….

bing2This morning I was interviewed by CBC about the ongoing drama in this bilingual province of ours.  French and English children are expected to grow up and live in the same communities, but God forbid you put them on the same bus.  Follow the link here and read all about it.

I think this would be a good time for Mr. Rouselle to rethink his career. Maybe take a walk in “la neige.” The Bloc Quebecois is always looking for new talent, I’m sure he’d fit in there nicely.

Support a local author and buy all of my books twice eh! And thanks!




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Racists, Bigots and Bilingualism

Well, well, well. The bilingual beast has reared its ugly head once again in New Brunswick. bing1Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more stupid around here, they did! Apparently it’s unconstitutional for English and French children to ride on the same school bus in this province. At a time when our education department is 500 million bucks in the hole, (that isn’t a misprint) Serge Rousselle, our bigot-elect, is planning on sending out more buses so that the kids won’t have to ride together. See the whole story here.

He’s also planning on laying off teachers  to offset the department’s shortfall. Well, on bing2behalf of the entire province, let me be the first to tell you, Mr. Rousselle, you’re an idiot! What is point of having more buses, when there are going to be less teachers to send the students to? And what sort of message is this sending to our kids? French and English can’t travel together. Does that mean this generation will need two separate forms of public transit?

NDP MP Yvon Godin says, “It’s not a good idea, it’s not acceptable and the Francophones bing3will not accept it.” I guess he’s indicating the Acadian Mafia is alive and well. They won’t accept it? Will they accept the fact that this province is damn near bankrupt? This isn’t just a francophone issue, there’s plenty of blame to go around. It wasn’t that long ago that the COR party was here, trying to stamp on the rights of Francophones in the province.

That being said, It’s time to revisit the constitution. Various parts of bilingualism are not bing4working in this province. In a place with a small population that’s shrinking, we do not need two health care authorities to serve patients in both languages.  We do not need two separate school systems to have French and English schools. And we damn well don’t need more buses because of language issues! European countries where speaking two, three and even four languages is the norm, must think we’re some laughing stock. Well I’m not laughing. This is beyond insane. It’s unacceptable. Time for a change people!
Check out my novel “the vision” and other books of mine on amazon, barnes and noble, kobo and smashwords. Thank you!

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Tips about tips?

Recently while in the USA, after dining in a restaurant, the bill was presented and the tip was included in the amount. I have a real problem with this.


Why should the establishment be the one who decides what the amount should be? What if the service was horrible? Should you still pay it? I always leave a tip for a gracious host, but I think I should be the one who decides. Thoughts?

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Top 5 winter memes!

Are you sick of winter? Here in the good old maritimes, we’ve had enough of it.


We’d wave the white flag to surrender, but no one would see it on account of the snow.


If you are one of the lucky ones who can afford a trip down south this year, here’s a little advice: Don’t come back until July!


Just finding your car can be a real problem. If you do locate it, don’t stop until you reach the airport.


In reality, there’s not much you can do about it, so smile. Spring is just around the corner… or is it?


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