We’re All Idiots! (Well, most of us…)

Every time I take a tour around the province (which is quite often cause I drive big rigs


potential NB MLA

when I ain’t writing books) , I’m amazed at the stuff I see. Actually, I could probably write a book about the idiotic sights that have been stamped on the front of my brain forever, but there a couple that keep jumping into my line of sight over and over, so I guess they’re worth mentioning.

For some reason, I keep coming across these signs on secondary roads in the province. slow

No, I ain’t jawing about cul-de-sacs, residential streets or gated communities, I’m talking ’bout number 2 highways with speed limits of 80 or 90 kilometers per hour. It hasn’t been that long since I’ve been a kid, and I grew up beside one of these roads. I don’t ever remember my parents saying to me; “Put on a helmet and go play in traffic.” Or “Why don’t you kids make a street hockey game in the middle of the main road?” They did say stuff like; “Don’t play on the God damn road! You’ll get run over!” Are today’s parents so tender, they’re afraid they’ll upset little Johnny by not letting him play on the tarmac? Or are they all just brain-dead?

Another oddity that keeps reappearing are freezers doubling as garbage cans. Now Islow1

have no problem with this whatsoever, if someone can repurpose a deep freeze that’s going through menopause and save themselves a few bucks, that’s awesome. What I don’t understand is the need for them to write the word “Garbage” on the container. I seriously doubt anyone will think you’re keeping your prime rib and pork chops at the end of the road. And unless your name is Mr. Dressup, you probably don’t own a tickle-trunk, and if you did, it wouldn’t be at the end of your God damn driveway!

I’ve seen lots more, like car seats doubling as lawn chairs, houses that don’t require shingles or siding (maybe it’s over-rated anyway) and people mowing grass around overturned vehicles on their front lawn. To each their own, eh! Welcome to New Brunswick where we’re all a bit odd…

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1 Response to We’re All Idiots! (Well, most of us…)

  1. allan hudson says:

    Love your wit Jason.

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