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Merry christmas! Take that!

We all have to make changes at some point.  Sometimes there miniscule, sometimes they’re life altering.  Regardless, the older we get, the harder it can be to move out of our comfort zone and do what needs to be done.  … Continue reading

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Doctor hater…Panty Raider….Fracking Later!

Well, what a week it’s been.  I’m slowly recovering from my mauling at the hospital but I’m not convinced that I’m healing up properly.  The procedure was supposed to stop the cracking in my knee, but it’s still snap, crackle, … Continue reading

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Fun at the hospital!

Not long ago I had the pleasure of getting a MRI.  I thought hospital procedures couldn’t get anymore fun than being stuffed into a king-sized sausage maker.  I was wrong.  Knee surgery is where it’s at.  I’m going to be … Continue reading

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Let it snow…somewhere else!

Here we go again.  I haven’t complained much about the government lately, not because they have gotten smarter.  Far from it.  The truth is, my hectic work schedule hasn’t allowed me to blog as much as I’d like, so I’ve … Continue reading

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