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Let me start of by saying I am a very fortunate person. When I started out writing fiction afew years back, I needed help, lots of it! There were a few &%$#heads that were unapproachable, but most authors were more … Continue reading

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Every day it seems were plagued by bad news. Mass shootings, mass pollution, mass poverty and suffering. It’s a never-ending chain of depression. Even my blogs have a downcast tone lately, as I seem to have too many topics of … Continue reading

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If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m the kind of guy who likes to complain.  Let’s face it, if I didn’t have a crappy attitude about certain things I wouldn’t be much of a blogger, or writer for … Continue reading

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Fighting for the last slice of heaven

BEAR CREEK The rising sun calls my name I cannot ignore her plea My breath hangs heavy about my head So cold and yet I see As I travel to my hidden place through a trail of frosty snow I … Continue reading

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Make Christmas a Secret

After a flurry of flying paper, ribbons and bows, the presents have been opened.  A couple of very happy girls indeed.  Now a turkey with all the trimmings is being cooked to perfection.  We will eat, drink,  enjoy each other’s … Continue reading

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