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How to beat the gas companies, get gas, etc…

Well shucky darn and slop the chickens! The sun is out, it’s the weekend and I’m all fired up! So let’s get the ball rolling. To me, buying gasoline is a lot like getting mugged. You never know how badly … Continue reading

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Fighting for the last slice of heaven

BEAR CREEK The rising sun calls my name I cannot ignore her plea My breath hangs heavy about my head So cold and yet I see As I travel to my hidden place through a trail of frosty snow I … Continue reading

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Funny signs, funny food, its not funny…

Obviously I had a lot on my mind this morning.  I’m waiting to pick up a truck and I’m thinking about the greasy food I ate last night that could’ve been used as an industrial lubricant.  The signs that are … Continue reading

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Freezing, Fat cats, Foolishness and more!

On nights like this, when the wind howls and rattles the windows.  When the weatherman’s teeth clack and chatter while he tells you it’s -33 with the wind.  When you turn on the shower and it snows.   When your dogs … Continue reading

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Michael Murphy, Irvings and other problems…

So I made it through the week.  Bumping, banging and crashing my way across the frozen ground in my big truck like a german tank in the dead of winter.  At least my knee didn’t fly all to flinders.  Between … Continue reading

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Happy New Year, Icy Roads, Novels, wow!

So here we are.  2012.  The year the world is supposed to end according to the mayans.  I wouldn’t worry about it much, David Alward ain’t gonna let that happen.  He’s got too much fracking to do.  You’d think one … Continue reading

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