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World record fish, bigfoot and more.

So I’m a little bit nuts. That’s no secret. But at least I’m having fun right? Since I had my last knee operation I’ve been a little crazier than usual. At least I’m consistent. Check out my record breaking fish … Continue reading

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The perfect crime, is there really such a thing? Find out what happens, when the hunter becomes the hunted. BURNED It was the perfect crime. They all were. He lit a cigarette, dragged hard on it, and peered through the window. They’re all like weeds, waiting to be plucked, one by one. It’s so simple. He stared some more. She’d been there for a little while now. Home from her job at the hospital. From behind the shrubbery he’d seen her take off her jacket, eat a dish of warmed up leftover soup, and light a fire in the fireplace. Fire. His cracked lips formed an evil smile. His eyes narrowed. Just watching the flames aroused him. He sucked hard on the cigarette, crushed it out, then put the butt in his jacket pocket. No DNA or fingerprints. One step. Two steps. Slow and careful, he crept towards the back door, knowing from all his observing that it was unlocked. Stupid, trusting bitches. He slipped his hand inside his jacket and patted the pistol that was tucked carefully inside his belt. Reassurance. Like every other time he’d done it, down to the cigarette before the attack, he was a creature of habit. The last hurdle. Opening the door without alerting her. He slipped on his gloves, then looked through the square pane of glass. She was sitting on the sofa, her feet up on a stool, nursing a glass of wine and staring into the fire. He’d been admiring her hourglass figure, her shoulder length blond hair, now it was time to reap the reward. I wonder if she’ll beg or cry first. The others had been an even split. Some burst to tears right off, others would maintain their composure and beg for their lives.   He grabbed the knob and turned it ever so slowly. It was only a few steps from the entrance … Continue reading

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Top ten insults for the January blahs!

Ain’t nothing like being sassy. Especially when you’re in a bad mood to start with cause you’re broke from the holidays, the weather sucks and there isn’t another statutory holiday for weeks. So when someone irritates you, asks you something … Continue reading

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10 most unusual reasons to call in sick….

There’s lots of reasons not to go in to work. Cause you have to work would be one… However, as the economy is not the greatest, people are more likely to show up for work even if they’re sick, to … Continue reading

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Tips for people who don’t write (but are close to a writer

I saw this on the web this week. Its fairly accurate….. Dont forget to check out my ebooks at amazon Thanks and have a great day folks!

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