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Merry Christmas, Bah Humbug, Santa’s a Jerk!

As December approaches and the temperature lowers, so does my patience with television, radio and any other medium that spouts out Christmas commercials like a popcorn maker on steroids. Do I hate Christmas? Not really, but I can’t stand what … Continue reading

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Hunting Deer, Partridge and Republicans…

Yesterday I came across a couple of duck decoys in my travels. Since they were cheap, (like me) I figured I’d buy ’em and nab me enough fowl to have duck a l’orange, Peking duck and maybe a few duck … Continue reading

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Obama or Romney, Con man or thief…

It seems we’re overwhelmed this week with news from south of the border about the presidential race. Who will win, Obama or Romney?  Personally, as long there aren’t any of the Bush clan running for president, I could really care … Continue reading

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