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E-coli Beef, Lindsay Lohan and the Queen’s a mooch!

So we have another e-coli outbreak.  Surprise surprise.  A company from Saskatchewan, New Food Classics, is responsible for the meat products that been shipped all over the country.  This is also the same strain of the disease that caused the … Continue reading

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Visalus, snakeoil, and other useless garbage!

It seems like I can’t go on any social network these days without seeing someone selling the next “big thing” in the science of weight loss.  The latest pyramid scheme to hit the cyber-streets is a bunch of (tasty?) shakes … Continue reading

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Who does Jason Russell think he is?  Pee Wee Herman?  Talk about falling off of the rails.  It hasn’t been a week that Alisha and I blogged together about what a great cause KONY2012 is.  I never saw this coming.  … Continue reading

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Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, champs or chumps?

Sometimes I think sports would be a lot more entertaining if the players were paid by their success percentage.   I’ve often said that hockey, baseball, basketball, etc would be a lot more fun to watch if the players only got paid for the … Continue reading

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Joseph Kony, Stop The EVIL!

This weekend my daughter Alisha brought something to my attention that I wasn’t even aware of.  Joseph Kony.  One of the most hated and sought after criminals in the world.  Mr. Kony is the leader of a guerrilla group that … Continue reading

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It’s a beautiful, sunny, pre-spring day out there. What perfect weather to snowshoe, cross country ski, or just take a walk in the snow. That is, if you actually like exercising. Someone like myself who suffers from chronic incurable laziness … Continue reading

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