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Employment Insurance Reforms help no one

So King Stephen is gutting Employment Insurance. Surprise, surprise. Another slap in the face for maritimers who make their living working at seasonal jobs. Phooey on him! At least we’re a resiliant bunch and I’m quite sure we’ll survive. Let’s … Continue reading

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Commando Trout Fishing

When you have a problem, it’s best to talk to someone who knows the answer. So that’s what I did. For those of you who read my blog religiously, you know the problem I speak of. I’d been outsmarted on … Continue reading

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Oil and Gas, stewards of the earth?

If anyone ever wonders why I am so against shale gas exploration and fracking in this province, wonder no more.  The bottom line is Big Oil and gas aren’t to be trusted, no matter what.  I’ve been involved in the … Continue reading

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Queen Victoria Day!

Don’t you just love the royal family? Okay, that’s a crappy starting line. I don’t like them at all. Regardless, without them we wouldn’t be having this wonderful long weekend. Maybe that’s a stretch too. I mean, we could always … Continue reading

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The beavers were gone, that much I was sure of. No goodbye letter, no forwarding address, they’d just up and left at some point. Beavers don’t make very good tenants. They show up uninvited, re-decorate, then leave without paying their … Continue reading

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Book Deals, Gertie Killam’s Shale gas play

My latest novel is just about finished. I would imagine the first draft will be done within the week. It’s almost bittersweet, a relief to complete something I’ve been working on for months, yet almost sad as the adventures of … Continue reading

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