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Stranger than fiction!

  I was writing this fiction about a politician for a magazine and figured it was so crazy I might as well share it with everybody now.  This story isn’t true…but it could be.  As a matter of fact I’d go so far … Continue reading

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Maybe I’m psychic.  I’d certainly admit that I could be psychotic.  Well, whatever the case I was right.  In a previous blog I complainined up the ying yang that celeberities were laying heaps of praise on the recently-deceased crackhead Whitney … Continue reading

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SEX! And a bunch of hoes!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  So if your video camera shoots eight frames or pictures per second and the video is three minutes and forty five seconds long…that’s a whole lot more words than my brain … Continue reading

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Whitney, another dead crackhead…

Another one bites the dust. Cruel isn’t it. No crueller than the world of drugs and the pitfalls of being an addict. Whitney Houston wasn’t a social drinker who enjoyed the occasional joint. She was a full blown pill popping, … Continue reading

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I don’t mean to insult anyone in today’s blog.  Newfoundlanders are some of Canada’s nicest people.  And they can take a joke as well as give one.  If someone out there takes offence to these, well, what can I  do?  … Continue reading

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Today I got a bone to pick with Toby Keith.  Let me rephrase that.  If that good old boy was to show up on my farm I’d run over him with my antique tractor.  Let’s be clear about one thing; … Continue reading

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How to Bomb at the club!

So it’s time for a career change.  I’m not real high on driving trucks anyway.  I’ve decided to become a music critic.  And why not?  I complain about everything else.  Why shouldn’t I profit from informing the world about bands … Continue reading

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So another successful groundhog day comes to a close.  Well, I guess that depends where you live.  If it was cloudy in your neighborhood winter is almost done, and if it was sunny you’ve got six more weeks of prime … Continue reading

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