Jim Charles’ Gold… A Maritime Legend

When I first read about the saga of Jim Charles, An Aboriginal guide from Nova Scotia, I was enthralled. I researched the story as much as I could, then I wrote the novel, using as much fact that was available. The result is one of my best stories ever. I’m sure you’re all going to love it.

Here’s a snippet from it. In this scene, Jim is trying to convince his friend, Judge Ritchie, to let him spend more money.

jim goldAnd I’ve been thinking,” Jim continued as he took a seat in the hardwood chair and faced the judge, “Madeline should really go to school.”

The judge nodded. “That’s a good idea, is there a schoolhouse near where you live that I don’t know about?”

Jim shook his head. “There isn’t. I’d like her to go to school here.”

How would you arrange that, might I ask?”

There must be a room she could rent in town.”

The judge shook his head. It was hard to get angry at his friend, but all these ideas were starting to wear down his patience. “Just how would we explain that an Indian girl has enough money to rent a room and go to school?”

We’ll say that you’re paying for it, in exchange for me being your guide.”

Great idea,” the judge snorted, “except we already told that to Mike Skinner, the man you traded horses with. And to Paul Bordeaux, the french farmer who you bought the new cow from. Did you forget we spun that yarn to Able Bronson, the net-maker?”

But it’s a good story…”

Jesus Christ, Jim! People will either think you’re the most expensive guide in the new world, or that I’m a goddamn liar.”

So what do we do?”

We don’t do anything.” the judge looked at him square in the eye, “You need to calm down for a bit. Stop spending money like it’s going out of style.”

Jim got a sullen look on his face. “That’s not fair. It’s my gold. I should be able to buy what I like with it.”

You don’t seem to get it. Nobody in these parts has that kind of money to throw around. Certainly not an Indian…”

Indian,” Jim cut him off, “you keep saying that over and over like it’s a dirty word. You think Indians can’t have money?”

Now you listen to me,” the judge stood up, obviously angry, “I’ve been a judge for years, and a lawyer for a long time before that. I’ve defended Englishmen, Frenchmen, Black men and Indians who were accused of being horse thieves, rapists, embezzlers and murderers. They all had one thing in common; they were either guilty or innocent and the color of their hide didn’t have a goddamn thing to do with it!”

So why do you keep bringing it up?”

Cause everyone ain’t as open-minded as I am. There’s lots of folks who think you all should stay on the reserves, out of sight, out of mind. You know how much I like you and your family. Lizzie and Madeline, they’re like my own family. That’s why I want you to calm down. You’re going to get yourself killed.”

Please check out the story, its only 99 cents! You’re going to love it. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07HKP1MVB?tag=wplfpapublis-20

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