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Solving Political Problems

Anybody who reads my blog knows I have some pretty radical ideas and opinions. For instance, I think George W. Bush should be tried as a war criminal and face the consequences, no matter how dire. And I also think … Continue reading

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Harper, EI, and Fixing the Problem!

If I had a dollar for every time I irritated a public figure or a corporation, I’d have a pretty good roll of money. Of course, it’s easy to make fools out of people who are just one step ahead … Continue reading

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The Magic of Autumn

As I entered the forest, I could feel all the stress and pressure of modern living slowly slip away and disappear as I melted amongst the trees. Every step felt lighter, thanks to the foliage and branches that buffered out … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Telling it like it is:
Today my book, “The Vision” was officially launched. I can’t tell you how pleased I am about it. After receiving enough rejection letters to wallpaper a room in my house, I finally…

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