Tips about tips?

Recently while in the USA, after dining in a restaurant, the bill was presented and the tip was included in the amount. I have a real problem with this.


Why should the establishment be the one who decides what the amount should be? What if the service was horrible? Should you still pay it? I always leave a tip for a gracious host, but I think I should be the one who decides. Thoughts?

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Top 5 winter memes!

Are you sick of winter? Here in the good old maritimes, we’ve had enough of it.


We’d wave the white flag to surrender, but no one would see it on account of the snow.


If you are one of the lucky ones who can afford a trip down south this year, here’s a little advice: Don’t come back until July!


Just finding your car can be a real problem. If you do locate it, don’t stop until you reach the airport.


In reality, there’s not much you can do about it, so smile. Spring is just around the corner… or is it?


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Mayweather Pacquiao Superfight is on!

Back in 2012, I ranted about those two chumps refusing to get together.

Well, it’s finally happening. Better late than never I guess. Maybe the two of them were Mayweather-vs-Pacquiaoafraid that they might run out of money.  The latest estimates puts Floyd’s share of the purse at 100 million, and Manny’s at around 60. These are ridiculous numbers of course, but in my opinion it’s still better than hockey and baseball players who sign bloated contracts, then sit around if they don’t feel like playing at 100%. At least they gotta fight to get it.

Imagine if they donated half of their winnings to charity. I mean, it’s not like either one of thHA5TSOF5these guys needs the money, right? Christ, they could save a city. Maybe even a small country.  Regardless, if you are a boxing fan, this fight is sure elevating the sport’s profile. You can’t turn on any television station without seeing some news about this fight.  A big percentage of the world is hooked.

We like to think we are civilized.  That we are cultured. That we are kind, caring folks who have managed to distance ourselves from our blood-thirsty gladiatoresancestors. Ha! 2000 years ago, the Roman Coliseum was packed with spectators, watching their favorite gladiators kill one another. In 2015, us civilized, peace-loving new age folks are gonna tune in to this fight by the millions.  I know I will. Et tu, Brute?

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An Election Parable for New Brunswick

A parable for all New Brunswickers.

Dick loved the forest and hunting. However, he could get lost walking to the neighbors. His ap2sense of direction was about as good as Stevie Wonder’s. So when his name got drawn in the moose lottery, he hired a guy called Paul, who claimed to be an excellent guide. Paul took Dick to a place where he said the moose hunting was excellent. But after trudging through the brush for an hour, Dick noticed the same tree that Paul had banged into earlier. They were going in circles. Dick mentioned this to Paul, who became angry and said to trust him, he knew what he was doing. After being lost for three days, they emerged from the forest tired, hungry and with no moose.

Four years later, Dick’s name got picked again. Still angry at Paul, Dick hired a woman bc3named Beth, who ran a guiding business on the other side of the county. Beth assured him that getting a moose would be no problem. As a matter of face, she all but guaranteed it, as she knew where there was a whole herd of them. Imagine Dick’s rage when they arrived at a farmer’s field that was full of angus cattle. Beth argued that since they were about the same color as moose, they had to be moose. And since she had more experience than him, it was ignorant of him to even question her judgement. Stupidly, Dick agreed and shot the biggest cow in the field. He spent the rest of the season behind bars, paid a hefty fine and didn’t have a single steak to show for it.

When Dick’s name was pulled for a third time, he told his wife that he was hiring Paul ap4again. She asked him if he was nuts. He assured her that things would be fine, and that Beth needed to be taught a lesson. His wife argued that there were lots of other good, reputable guides in the country, and that he should try one of them. Dick refused. He hired Paul and got lost in the brush again. When they emerged days later, exhausted, famished and mooseless, Dick blurted out angrily that next time he’d be hiring Beth. His wife had him promptly committed to the insane asylum.

Moral of the story. On election day, don’t be a Dick. Beth and Paul have had their chances, many of them. Don’t wind up in the insane asylum, vote for somebody new.

Get my latest book, “Frozen Blood”, just follow the link, and thanks eh!


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Premier Alward pulls out of the televised debate

Thank you, Premier Alward. Your


decision to pull out of the televised debate just reaffirms what a complete moron you really are. I suppose having four opponents instead of two would be more than a person of limited intellect, like yourself, would be able to handle. At least this gives us New Brunswickers another reason not to vote for you.

All five parties have been registered in this province for quite some time. Just because two of them haven’t held any seats is no reason not to let them participate. A televised debate gives them the opportunity to attract voters. Not only is Mr. Alward being a spoil-sport, he’s being totally undemocratic. Probably at the insistance of JDI. Remember this on election day folks. Don’t support the moron…

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We say that this province, and our country for that matter is a


democracy, and that we live in a democratic society. But the truth is, the province of New Brunswick is more like a monarchy. Irving is king and they have several puppets to do their bidding for them. At the moment marionette  Alward is in control of the province, but he could be replaced but at any time by marionette Gallant.

As long as this idiotic system remains in effect, this province will


continue to decline, both economically and and population-wise. A new party needs to be elected, and if and when that happens, our province needs a complete overhaul. I’m going to say things now that most politicians are afraid to, but I don’t care. They need to be said.

How to fix New Brunswick’s economy!
1. Get rid of our two hospital corporations. This has nothing to do with bilingualism. There are enough bilingual health care workers in the system for people to be served in their own language. My only complaint is that L’nu do not (Aboriginals). At a cost of tens of millions of dollars, having two health corporations in a province this size is ridiculous.
2. Give the crown lands back to the people. Allowing the province’s forests to be raped by a handful of corporations was a moronic idea. Under the current system, over half of the province’s mills have disappeared in just a few short decades. Many jobs have been lost. Who gained? A few corporate giants, and the crooked politicians that go along with this nonsense. Small businesses will flourish, creating jobs if they can have access to the crown.
3. Legalize marijuana. That’s an evil one, but wasting millions of dollars chasing and persecuting less than 10% of the offenders is quite insane. Grass is here to stay, instead of bancrupting ourselves over it, why don’t we profit from it? Remember prohibition? History is repeating itself once again. Wake up people!
4. Sub Contract. There are many sectors in our government that are run so poorly that it’s an embarrassment. If the heads of these departments looked at their operating costs, then put the same projects up for bids, they would be more than shocked at how much cheaper the private sector can do the same work. Millions saved annually, it’s a no brainer!
5. Sell Hydro. It’s no secret that the location of our province is perfect for exporting hydro to the USA. It’s also no secret that fossil fuels are going the way of the dodo bird. We have the geography, the technology and the manpower to develop wind, solar and tidal power. On a giant scale. Invest in these technologies and reap the benefits for decades to come.

These are just 5 ideas. There are so many others out there. We just need to kick the monarchy-style thinking, and the monarchy itself to the curb. It’s time, New Brunswick. Before we fall over the financial cliff that we are teetering on at this very instant.

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New Brunswick Election Disaster

I’m suffering from a rare form of heartburn. The kind that would knock down a kr4mule. Unfortunately, tums isn’t going to cure it.

I usually wind up with this type of stomach pain every four years or so, when a provincial

election in New Brunswick is called. The cramps first hit me hard when Premier Shawn

Graham decided to bail out Atcon to the tune of over 70 million bucks a few years back. The

whole thing screamed of scandal, and when it was all over he was hit with a measly fine for

being in conflict of interest.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m pretty sick and tired of how corrupt the picture

sodipodi_flags_canada_new_brunswick-1331pxprovince has become. “BE IN THIS PLACE” must have been a slogan for corporate giants

and crooked politicians. It certainly isn’t the place to be if you are a hard working citizen

looking to raise a family. Our standard of living keeps dropping, our children keep moving

out west, and our taxes keep going up. Meanwhile, the province is teetering on the verge of


With an election looming on the horizon, the idiots have all come out to play, like a bunch of

"Thank you Kent where is that again?"

“Thank you Kent County…now where is that again?”

bats under a spotlight. Brian Gallant is dancing around the fracking issue, like Pinocchio

before Geppetto cut his strings. He’s saying he’ll call a moratorium on the issue, but if he gets

elected he’ll do whatever the puppet masters tell him. If they decide to turn New Brunswick

into a toxic dumping site for gold mines and nuclear power plants, he’ll do it. He won’t have

a choice.

Premier Alward is not one to be trusted either. Right now he’s pushing through the worst

far1forestry deal in the history of the province. More pepto please. He’s in a hurry, because he’s

afraid if he loses the election, the deal won’t go through. Why not let the voters decide if

they want to decimate their province’s forests to please Irving? Because, potentially, the

voters aren’t the ones lining his pockets. Much like the crooked Atcon deal, this stinks all

the way to the high heavens.


If the Greens, NDP and People’s Alliance parties had two clues, they would amalgamate

stf3 immediately and have a fighting chance against Corrupt and Corrupter. But they won’t. They

still seem to be under the misguided impression that they can actually form a government

here. But they can’t. Our somewhat blind population seems to be stuck in a political rut that

is dragging our province to the poorhouse. What is it going to take to make New Brunswickers

see that we’re almost ruined? What is the solution to this age old, two party pork fest that we’re

catering? More antacids I guess….






Not only do I rant and rave about politics, I write fiction too. Why not treat yourself to a good read? Just follow the link and thank you very much!


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Alward, Gallant, Election NB

Now that August is upon us, I am reminded that like autumn, there is a provincial election looming in the not-far1so-distant  future. And I can’t say that I’m excited about it. Provincial politics in New Brunswick remind me of a 
sporting event of sorts. There are only two teams on the ice, and it doesn’t matter how shabbily one team
 plays, they might lose possession of the puck for a while, but they’ll get it back sooner or later.
Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? First we vote red, then we vote blue, then red again. We keep kicking 
them out 
"Thank you Kent where is that again?"

“Thank you Kent County…now where is that again?”

of office, then voting them back in, as if they are actually going to change. I don’t know how many of you are
 paying attention, but this province is almost bankrupt. There hasn’t been any real leadership here in
 decades. That’s right, decades! If something isn’t done to rectify the situation, we’re going to be in the
 same boat as the city of Detroit.
We could change the political landscape by voting in one of the other parties, but I don’t think they 
can take office unless they consider joining forces. And they should consider it. As New 
Brunswickers, what are we afraid of? Could a coalition party do a worse job than the liberals 
or the conservatives? Absolutely not. Come on people. It’s time to let 
someone else take over the rink, and chuck the red and blue clowns into the penalty box. 
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The Terror of Novel Writing

I woke up this morning after a night of restless sleep, totally afraid. No, I didn’t dream that bigfoot-facebookDavid Alward got re-elected. Nor did I have reoccurring visions of Bigfoot chasing me through the forest, angry that I continuously make fun of him. Check out the video, you’ll see.



I came to the realization that I’m ready to write my next novel. And that’s scary. Putting thCAAJM637the first words down are nerve wracking to say the least, because once I start, I’m committed. It means months of scheming, writing, more scheming, and not being able to get away from it. Whenever I sign a book deal, or it gets released, they are definite highs. It’s a feeling of accomplishment that is unbeatable.


However, it never lasts. Before I know it, a bunch of ideas are creeping into my head, and I’ve got no choice but to run with the best one. It’s like you are always trying to outdo yourself. Years ago, Singer/Songwriter Neil Young was asked, “Which album of yours is your best?” His answer? “The next one.”  So guess which novel is going to be my best?

In the meantime, check out my latest and greatest, “Frozen Blood.” It’s available on tnSmashwords, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and from Synerge. And within a few weeks, it’ll be in print. Thanks!


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New Novel Released!

Hi folks, I realize I haven’t been blogging lately, and I apologize for that, but I’ve been very busy screenwriting. I just wanted to make this little post so people would know my latest novel is available on AMAZON, yahoo!

Frozen Blood is a story about an aging fishery officer in the Canadian North, and his terrifying encounter with a serial killer. Here’s the link to the novel, get it today and thank you very much!



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