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The Queen, The Olympics, The Waste!

The cost of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London is just another example of what’s wrong with the world today.  I’m not knocking the Olympics themselves, no way.  As a matter a fact, I’m a big fan.  … Continue reading

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“Do fish sleep?” is a question we’ve all heard at one time or another.  Personally, I could get through the rest of my life without ever knowing the answer.  What I’d really like to know is; do fish laugh?  If … Continue reading

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As the Calgary Stampede gets underway and proudly begins celebrating its 100th anniversary, Bob Barker has come out swinging, stating that he’d like the rodeo shut down. That being said, I’m wondering if the old goat is suffering from dementia … Continue reading

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Hospital Wait Times, Privatizing Health Care

Today was a hoot.  I got to hang out in one of my favorite places, the hospital.  I had to go for some tests as I’m getting ready for my next round of knee surgery.  Yahoo…Most of you that read … Continue reading

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