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Hurricane Irene, Ste. Marie’s Fair, and more!

My hands are shaking so bad I can barely write this.   As hurricane Irene bears down on us, my nerves are shot… I’m thinking I should barricade the doors and windows, maybe hook up the dogs with some long lines … Continue reading

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I’ve failed more than a few tests in my day.  Just ask any of my high school teachers.  Not because I’m completely clueless, but more likely because I was, ahem…distracted.  That’s a good word for it.  Anyway, that’s nothing new … Continue reading

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Sailing, swimming, and being silly…

Summer ain’t been around much this year eh!  But it did show up this weekend.  Lots of sunshine and hot weather made it the perfect time to go boating. There’s nothing like being on the water with family and friends … Continue reading

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It could’ve been worse…

Today was a pretty interesting day on the province’s highways.  For starters, some guy lost a lawn tractor off of the back of his truck.  That’s right.  A lawn tractor.  Apparently they are not built for high velocity impacts, because … Continue reading

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Surviving America!

You’d think after driving a truck all week the last thing I’d want to do is spend the weekend driving.  Well I did.  The kids had their heart set on a shopping trip across the border.  Not exactly my cup … Continue reading

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