After The Darkness

‘After The Darkness’ is my latest novel, due to be released this month. It is the story of a man who becomes disabled after committing a felony.  The injury causes him to give up on life, but a special horse helps him find his way back to happiness. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Here’s a sample…

 Dylan reached out with the pistol and pushed the power button on the TV. The room lapsed into darkness as the picture went blank. Then he heard it, faint at first, but soon it was louder than before. The mare was whinnying from inside the barn, her pleas echoing off the steel walls of the structure.

  “Son of a bitch!” Dylan rolled his wheelchair to the door and shoved it open, “Shut up!”

  This time, the mare paid no heed at all. She continued on, her amplified calls struck him in the chest and echoed in his ears.

  “Suit yourself.” He pushed himself down the ramp and into the yard, “you must wanna die as bad as I do.”

  The mare kept it up, as if she were baiting him.

  Now angry and totally drunk, Dylan pushed hard on the wheels. The graveled yard was now a sea of mud and water. The chair would barely move. Cursing and straining, he slowly got through the mud and reached the gate.

  He reached for the latch. Then realized it was tied. In a serious knot. He struggled with it for a moment, but it was too tight. Unknown to him, earlier the mare had been lifting the latch and pushing against the gate, trying to escape, which made the knot impossible to undo. The only way to remove the rope would be with a knife.

  The mare whinnied again.  

  Dylan cursed, tried to wipe the rain water from his eyes, then shoved the gun into his belt. He grabbed the fence and hauled himself out of the chair. In slow motion, he tried to pull himself up and over. His hands slipped from the rain soaked plank, and he fell, down on the ground beside the chair. “Son of a bitch!”

  Mud covered him. Angrily, he rolled under the fence and began crawling towards the barn. Inch by inch, he pulled himself along, as the rain continued to batter him, the mud continued caking him all over.

  Gasping, he stopped, his energy all but gone. He looked up and saw the mare staring at him from just inside the barn. He rolled onto his side, and pulled out the gun. Breathing heavily, he aimed recklessly and fired again. The shot made a deafening roar as it echoed off of the barn wall. Once again, the mare whirled and retreated to the rear of the barn.

  He lay there, trying to catch his breath. Water continued to drench him, but the mare was silent. He tipped over onto his back, and let the rain stream down his face. He smiled.

  She whinnied again.

  “You bitch!” Dylan rolled back onto his stomach and began crawling, gun in hand. After several yards of painfully slow going, he had to stop. He had no energy left. He lowered his head down to the ground, closed his eyes and blacked out.

  Time passed. Dylan’s eyes opened. Now sober, he lifted his head slightly and stared straight ahead. The rain was still falling hard, but not on him. His gaze shifted slightly to the left, then to the right. What the fuck is that? Posts? He wiped some mud from his eyes and face, then it hit him like a hammer. Legs! The mare was standing over him, shielding him from the rain. Tears began running down his face. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I am so sorry.”

  The mare whinnied softly and widened her legs a bit, continuing her vigil. Dylan laid there for a little longer, sobbing quietly, then started the long journey back to his chair. As he drug himself forward, the mare took gentle steps, staying over him and keeping him dry. At long last he reached the fence, pulled himself under it, then hauled himself up and looked at her. “I’ll be back soon, I promise.”

I really hope you all enjoy it. In the meantime, you can purchase ‘the fix’ for a super-cheap price eh! Thank you all so very much!

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2 Responses to After The Darkness

  1. sarahbutland says:

    This sounds so good!! Of course, I’d expect nothing less than greatness from you!

    Congratulations, Jason.

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