Corporate Thieves!

This morning I went to the local coffee shop, a franchise of the corporate giant that we all know and worship. Since I was dressed a little better than a street urchin, I decided that the drive-thru was the way to go, especially since there were hardly any cars in the lineup. To my dismay, I was soon trapped in the line that was moving forward slower than President Trump’s Mexican border wall.  As I sat there watching snails passing my car at what appeared to be a high rate of speed, I noticed a few things. Things that were more disturbing than the snails.

The first thing that caught my eye was a help wanted sign. Of course, it’s nothing new, as a matter of fact its up 24/7 because such a high percentage of employees quit. Didn’t take me long to figure out the line wasn’t moving, because there was no staff moving. Next, I see a sign that warns of price increases of products, due to higher operational costs. Not only was I  jammed up in a line that was going slower than the second coming of Christ, I was going to have to pay more for my goodies when I actually got to the window.

Why do we put up with this shit? Like seriously? Corporations that make hundreds of millions of dollars of profit annually, treat their employees like dirt and charge us through the nose for everything.  I can stand a price increase, I didn’t need the stuff, I wanted it. What I don’t need is to wait in a line for half an hour, because someone who has more money than God chooses not to pay their employees a fair wage.

Another fine example of a corporate bastard, is everyone’s favorite department store chain that sells everything from car batteries to groceries. Every time this mega-mart invades and conquers a major city, the standard of living in that city drops. I ain’t making this shit up. Once they’ve established themselves and begin selling, the smaller retailers are forced out of business, and their employees are either out of work, or have to work for the company that cost them their job.  Not surprisingly, their rate of pay is pathetic and they try to keep the majority of their staff as part-time, in order to pay them less and keep them from receiving any benefits. Thousands of their employees in the USA routinely apply for food stamps, as they are so underpaid they can’t make ends meet, while their owners are some of the richest billionaires on the planet…

Not everyone can go to University. Not everyone gets a dream job in the real world. I never met an employee at a fast food joint or department store who said; “I’m gonna work here and be rich in no time!” These people, hundreds of thousands of them, just want to make a living. But they can’t! Who the fuck can afford daycare, pay rent, hydro and buy groceries on minimum wage?

There needs to be changes. There needs to be a law in place that forces corporate slumlords to pay their employees a certain amount of money, if they make a certain amount of profit.  And we need to start boycotting them, because our contributions to these greedy fucks just add to the problem.  Maybe they’ll rethink their borderline slave labor policies when they can’t sell anything. A treat from the local franchise ain’t such a treat when you realize the person that served you probably can’t afford the meal you just bought. Think about that the next time you’re swilling down a double-double and a muffin. You’ll probably choke. I did.

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2 Responses to Corporate Thieves!

  1. You are correct Jason but good luck getting a boycott going. Every one wants to buy cheap, so where do they go? It is the consumer’s fault as much as the large corporations. That’s why the manufacturing jobs are gone from NA. No one will pay for something made in Canada and pay a premium because the wages are good, so they look for cheaper goods and those are made off shore and sold by mega giants that have to compete with each other. Labor if often the highest cost so what do they do? How many people shop at the dollar store? Would you pay more for your goods so the clerk can make an extra $1.50 an hour? Not many would but I admire your idea and what you say is true.

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