Gas prices jump, Gouged again!

Hello Sheep

sheep 1

How the flock are you? Oh, you’ve got your woolen knickers in a knot because gas has gone up? I hear you all saying the same things, “Gas shouldn’t go up now, because we’ve got lots in reserve!” “They’re using the storms as an excuse to gouge us!” “What they’re doing is criminal!” Keep bleating, you woolly little flockers, and maybe someone might hear you.


The reason I’m calling you sheep is because you are sheep. If the gas company says you gotta pay $1.30 a litre for fuel this week, you’ll pay it, just like good sheep. And you won’t do anything constructive, you’ll just bleat and blat about it.I’ve written about this topic many times, and have offered great solutions to the problem, but no one ever does anything. Here’s a couple of ’em from blogs past:

If you really want to get under the gas companies’ skin, how bout leave your car
home once a week?  If everyone did that, consumption would drop a minimum of 14%.  Now there’s something that would cause big oil some pain. 
Or, if it’s too much of a burden to leave your trusty steel steed in the garage for one day, then have a gas lottery.  Organize a meeting, put all the names of your neighborhood gas bars in a hat, pick one and boycott the rest of ’em.  Not for just one day, until the prices start to drop.  And trust me they will.  This has been done before. 


Until you all make a stand and assert yourselves, this is going to keep happening. In the agricultural world, the sheep never seem to figure out that the Shepard needs them a lot more than they need him. It’s the same with the gas companies. We seem to think we’re powerless when it comes to fuel pricing, but we’re not! Most of  you don’t seem to realize the fuel corporations need you more than you need them. Until that day comes, you’ll continue to be sheep. Maybe it ain’t so baaaaaad, but it’s not great either. (just ask the goat)


99 cents won’t buy you a litre of gas, but it will buy you a copy of my latest Novel, “Visions”, the sequel to my book “The Vision”. Actually, you can buy all of my books for that scandalously low price.  Follow the link and have a great read instead of a short drive (cause you ain’t going far on 99 cents worth of gas) Thanks eh! Just follow the link.


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