What a sad day for every New Brunswicker.  Every New Brunswicker that drinks water, that is.  If you’re a rock or a piece of driftwood I guess this blog won’t concern you very much.  But it’s bad news for the rest of us.  Today Windsor Gas and Energy was granted a five-year lease to explore for gas in South-Eastern New Brunswick.  Premier Alward has assured us that the economic benefits from shale gas won’t come at the expense of the environment.  Hmmm…How would that tool know?

 If you check out cbc’s website, a few articles over from the one about
Windsor gas is a story about fracking causing earthquakes. Two separate studies, one in the USA and the other in Europe have both confirmed that hydraulic fracturing can trigger man-made earth quakes. So this leads to the question; does the gas hole Alward know something we don’t?  Has he got a degree in geology and can prove without a doubt that the earthquakes won’t happen here, even though they’ve been happening elsewhere?  Or maybe he’s an engineering expert and is positive the drill casings won’t crack and allow fracking fluid to seep into our wells. 

I’d hazard a guess he doesn’t know much

Premier Alward without makeup

of anything.  If he was paying any attention at all he’d know that a large percentage of us don’t want fracking in this province.  And he’d also know it’s been banned from other places.  Not to mention the lawsuits that are going on because of the pollution that fracking causes.  The only thing I can figure is someone has told him fracking is the answer to all New Brunswick’s troubles.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  What a moron!

Speaking of morons, my war against Visalus continues.  Over and over again, I keep reading claims that the snakeoil cures diabetes. 

A new visalus salesman being trained....

If you want to piss me off, that’s a good way to do it.  Three of my
immediate family members have the disease and it’s a battle for all
of them.  Don’t you think if it actually helped regulate the disease
it would be prescribed by a doctor instead of being sold by idiots
who can’t walk and chew bubble gum at the same time?  It’s a scam!
So I’m going to do something.  I’m going to lose weight and it’s not
going to cost me a dime!  I’ll keep you up to date on my progress
and maybe convince those of you on the fence about Visalus that it’s
worthless.  I’m not going to starve myself, I won’t even be hungry.
Ever hear the saying “healthy as a horse”?  When was the last time
you saw a horse drinking a shake?

Ethan Glendenning needs our help!  The little tot is battling CF and
will need lots of funds to get him and the family through this.  Buy
my ebook for $5 bucks and I’ll donate the proceeds to the family. 
Just follow the link and thanks!  @

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