Prince Harry, Pippa Middleton, invisible people…

Sometimes it would appear that I’m not very bright.  Well, probably a lot of the time.  I just figured out I’ve been arguing with a person
that doesn’t exist… Maybe I should elaborate a litte.  This week I
put my two cents in an enviromental debate that was going happening on the internet.  One person in particular was hassling the opponents of shale gas exploration.  So, being the pig-headed loudmouth that I am, I waded into it.  We traded a lot of jabs, my opponent seemed to take great pleasure in pointing the finger directly at us as  individuals.  I had no problem with it whatsoever until I found out the person had created an identity so they couldn’t be identified.

I’ve gotten myself in lots of trouble over the years for writing how I
feel about stuff.  I could go back a decade and think of times I’ve
irritated different groups of people with my views.  As I write this
I’m confident the people who sell Visalus Snake Oil probably have a
price on my head.  Big Deal.  The reason I created this blog was to
say how I feel about things and not be stifled by the old school media. Right or wrong, if I believe in it I’ll put my name to it.  That being said, if you want to debate with me, at least have the guts to use your real name.  Using an alias just destroys what credibility you have. In short, don’t waste my time…

Other junk that irritated me to no end this week, Pippa Middleton has made Time magazine’s list of 100 most influential people in the world. The only way I can guess she made the list was by the time the magazine’s list had reached 99, they put some names of people in a hat and picked number 100.  That being said, no doubt one of the employees tossed her name in as a joke.  Unless getting drunk and
tearing around Paris with a crew carrying a handgun makes you
influential.  I suppose you could be influenced if you were at the wrong end of the barrell.  Nothing like watching the royal family going to the dogs in a speedboat…

Prince Harry, the second son of Charles and Diana and certified idiot
made headlines this week by entering his brother and sister-in-law,
William and Kate, in the 2013 London marathon without their knowledge. Harry, who’s famous for dressing up as a nazi, oblivious of what the nazi’s did to England in the second world war, entered the pair as a joke.  It had to be a jest, I couldn’t imagine any of those lazy blue bloods running anywhere, unless it was to receive a handout.  God save the queen…from her own family!

Back to the Visulas, otherwise known as high-priced kool aid.  I just

visalus executive

so happened to lose 3 pounds this week.  And I didn’t have to pay an
arm and a leg into a pyramid scheme to do it.  I just watched what I
ate and got some exercise.  Here’s a good question for you Visalus
peddlers.  What happens when your clients get sick of paying for this
slop?  Answer, they’re weight will go back up as you’ve put them on a near liquid diet.  It’s like you’re holding them prisoner.  How
disgusting.  Of course, if some of you hadn’t been making claims that your product would cure diabetes, I might have left you all alone. Now you’re in my sights…

Ethan Glendenning needs our help.  The little tot has been diagnosed
with CF.  Buy my ebook “recession proof” and I’ll donate all the
funds to help Ethan and his family fight this terrible disease.  Just
follow the link and thanks eh!  @ 


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