Islam, Terrorists, Al-Qaeda, Hatred

Whether you travel outside your hometown, your province or even your country, you’re going to meet and see lots of people.  People of
different nationalities, religions and core beliefs. It’s just a fact
of life.  What I have learned from my experiences is that we are all
basically the same.  Most of us are just trying to get through life the best we can and have a little fun along the way.

So it irks me to no end when I receive e-mails or see postings on the
web that are degrading to some nationalities, islam in particular. It
seems there is no shortage of hate directed towards these people.  If
you’ve noticed, I haven’t used the word “racism” yet.  I don’t think
this word makes a lof of sense, as we are all part of the human race. Just because your skin is a different colour or you wear a different style of dress, you’re still part of the same race.

Islam extremists are nothing but trouble and very dangerous.  Blowing up stuff and killing people seem to be right on the top of their list of things to do.  It’s horrible.  However, in all the hatred being cast towards this sect of middle easterners, we seem to have forgotten a few things.  Remember Timothy McVeigh?  He was a white catholic who had issues with people of other races and the federal government. The Oklahoma city bombing of a federal building caused the deaths of 168 innocent people, including women an children.  Isn’t he a terrorist?

Then there’s the war that went on in Ireland for decades, catholics
verses protestants.  Most of the irish got along with each other and
paid no attention to each others’ biblical beliefs.  However, the
extremists had no problem blowing up and shooting each other on a regular basis, making it unsafe to travel in many parts of the countryand keeping the majority of the population in fear.  Aren’t they terrorists too?

Genetisists will tell us that we all originate from the same area, Africa.  The starting point of human life.  Every person’s DNA on this planet points to it.  So how did people who are all related, albeit very distant, wind up hating their own flesh and blood?  Religion, politics and poverty.  And until we can come to grips with the fact that we all have ties to each other, the blood shed will continue.  In the meantime, don’t bother me with any more e-mails or anti-islamic postings.  If you’re going to hate one particular genre of people, you better start hating them all…

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