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Alward, Gallant, Election NB

Now that August is upon us, I am reminded that like autumn, there is a provincial election looming in the not-so-distant  future. And I can’t say that I’m excited about it. Provincial politics in New Brunswick remind me of a  sporting event of sorts. There are only two teams on the ice, and it doesn’t matter how shabbily one team  plays, they might lose possession of the puck for a while, but they’ll get it back sooner or later.   Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? First we vote red, then we vote blue, then red again. We keep kicking  them out  of office, then voting them back in, as if they are actually going to change. I don’t know how many of you are  paying attention, but this province is almost bankrupt. There hasn’t been any real leadership here in  decades. That’s right, decades! If something isn’t done to rectify the situation, we’re going to be in the  same boat as the city of Detroit.   We could change the political landscape by voting in one of the other parties, but I don’t think they  can take office unless they consider joining forces. And they should consider it. As New  Brunswickers, what are we afraid of? Could a coalition party do a worse job than the liberals  or the conservatives? Absolutely not. Come on people. It’s time to let  someone else take over the rink, and chuck the red and blue clowns into the penalty box.      Advertisements

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End the Fracking Protests in New Brunswick! Time For a vote on Shale Gas!

It has been a week since the RCMP, armed to the teeth, clashed with a group of peaceful protestors just outside of Rexton, NB. The protestors were blocking SWN’s compound, trying to stop the Texas-based gas company from continuing their … Continue reading

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Anarchy in New Brunswick

In India, tens of thousands of people make their living in the fishing industry. It’s a simple system, that has served them well for centuries. In the morning, thousands of fisherman take to the seas, some in boats little better … Continue reading

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Peaceful Fracking Protesters Arrested in New Brunswick, the new Iron Curtain

The Iron Curtain fell in the Soviet Union decades ago. The cold war, while it lasted, spawned fear and distrust among everyday citizens, along a multitude of novels and movies romanticizing and glorifying the simmering conflict between Eastern Europe and … Continue reading

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Oil and Gas, stewards of the earth?

If anyone ever wonders why I am so against shale gas exploration and fracking in this province, wonder no more.  The bottom line is Big Oil and gas aren’t to be trusted, no matter what.  I’ve been involved in the … Continue reading

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The “easy” oil is gone, and Ethan’s breakfast

Let’s face it. It’s common knowledge that the oil that is easy to get at is gone. The other night I was watching a science program and was unimpressed to learn that scientists are now working on methods to extract … Continue reading

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What a sad day for every New Brunswicker.  Every New Brunswicker that drinks water, that is.  If you’re a rock or a piece of driftwood I guess this blog won’t concern you very much.  But it’s bad news for the … Continue reading

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So another successful groundhog day comes to a close.  Well, I guess that depends where you live.  If it was cloudy in your neighborhood winter is almost done, and if it was sunny you’ve got six more weeks of prime … Continue reading

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Fighting for the last slice of heaven

BEAR CREEK The rising sun calls my name I cannot ignore her plea My breath hangs heavy about my head So cold and yet I see As I travel to my hidden place through a trail of frosty snow I … Continue reading

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Happy New Year, Icy Roads, Novels, wow!

So here we are.  2012.  The year the world is supposed to end according to the mayans.  I wouldn’t worry about it much, David Alward ain’t gonna let that happen.  He’s got too much fracking to do.  You’d think one … Continue reading

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