1.60 gas Canada, The Queen sinks to a new low…

Well, crap.  There’s no other word to describe it.  Economists are

how some people will be filling up

predicting gas prices could hit $1.60 a litre this summer if tensions
continue to rise in the middle east.  If you wanted to ruin my day
that’s a good way to do it.  When it rains it pours.  Or snows if you
are in New Brunswick.  To be quite honest, this is bordering on utter
lunacy.  “Tensions” could cause a spike in the fuel prices?

Imagine a local grocery store buys its potatoes from a local farmer.

trucking when gas hits $1.60 per liter

Before the farmer even plants his crop he decides he doesn’t like
the store owner much and calls him a potato head and warns him there might be potato shortage and the price could go up.  Tensions rise. In a panic the store owner jacks the price of potatoes by 30% and suddenly we’re all eating rice or buying potatoes somewhere else.  In no time the price of potatoes comes back down…

Unfortunately, we can never seem to get the same scenario working at  the pumps.  I’ve heard word already that there’s another “don’t buy gas” day coming up.  You might as well put on a helmet and go play in traffic.  It would be about as productive.  The only way for us to getthe upper hand is to buy our gas from one supplier and boycott the rest.  Until we can all agree on this, we’re going to keep paying
through the nose.  End of story.

Speaking of gas, nothing gives it to me like the royal family.  The
old royal knob, Queen Elizabeth has done it again.  For her diamond jubilee she’s invited, among others, the King of Bahrain, no doubt hoping that another blue-blooded bozo will bring her a lavish gift of some sort.  For those of you that aren’t aware, the King imposed martial-law on protesters in his country and used excessive force and ‘systematic torture on them.  Although he’s in violation of human rights, he’s on the guest list for a champagne dinner at Buckingham Palace.  Gawd! Is that old battle-axe ever greedy.  I’d like to be on that guest list. I’d give her a one-way ticket to Sunny Antartica… Actually, if you  really want a chuckle at the old crow, click on the link, <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snyjRd93HBs
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3 Responses to 1.60 gas Canada, The Queen sinks to a new low…

  1. Can ada says:

    I think we should all resort to the new engine that runs on air, Case solved. Although canada would probably go bankrupt as they would no longer be able to collect all them frigan taxes on the litre per gas. Ah well such is life for canadians

    • hitthelites says:

      I suppose. There’s no easy way around it; the government is addicted to gas tax revenue, big time! But driving up the price of fuel is really short sighted. Whenever it goes through the roof, people start driving less and consumption goes down.

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