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This week was an amazing one for me. I received a creation grant from ARTSNB, a branch of the provincial government, to write my next novel. It’s humbling, as there are always more applicants than money to go around. With … Continue reading

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Christmas Foolishness!

Although I’ve blogged many times in the past about my distaste with the Christmas holiday, https://jasonlawsonrants.wordpress.com/2012/11/29/merry-christmas-bah-humbug-santas-a-jerk/  I guess the right thing to do this year would be to continue on with my search for foolish videos that make me chuckle. … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, Bah Humbug, Santa’s a Jerk!

As December approaches and the temperature lowers, so does my patience with television, radio and any other medium that spouts out Christmas commercials like a popcorn maker on steroids. Do I hate Christmas? Not really, but I can’t stand what … Continue reading

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Christmas of days gone by…

Christmas is almost here eh!  I don’t need a calender to tell me that.  Everytime I take a seat and feel the wallet that is now thinner than a tuna can lid, I know the season is upon us.  Christmas … Continue reading

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Merry christmas! Take that!

We all have to make changes at some point.  Sometimes there miniscule, sometimes they’re life altering.  Regardless, the older we get, the harder it can be to move out of our comfort zone and do what needs to be done.  … Continue reading

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