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This week was an amazing one for me. I received a creation grant from ARTSNB, a branch of the provincial government, to write my next novel. It’s humbling, as there are always more applicants than money to go around. With … Continue reading

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Buses, Bilingualism, Baloney….

This morning I was interviewed by CBC about the ongoing drama in this bilingual province of ours.  French and English children are expected to grow up and live in the same communities, but God forbid you put them on the … Continue reading

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Connecticut School Shooting,Gun Laws and Christianity

Another horrifying killing spree at a school. This time little children are the victims, probably the most hideous crime imaginable. Defenseless, young kids and their teachers. Disgusting, tragic and absolute madness. And as usual, the media frenzy is just as … Continue reading

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Make Christmas a Secret

After a flurry of flying paper, ribbons and bows, the presents have been opened.  A couple of very happy girls indeed.  Now a turkey with all the trimmings is being cooked to perfection.  We will eat, drink,  enjoy each other’s … Continue reading

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