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It’s a beautiful, sunny, pre-spring day out there. What perfect weather to snowshoe, cross country ski, or just take a walk in the snow. That is, if you actually like exercising. Someone like myself who suffers from chronic incurable laziness … Continue reading

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So another successful groundhog day comes to a close.  Well, I guess that depends where you live.  If it was cloudy in your neighborhood winter is almost done, and if it was sunny you’ve got six more weeks of prime … Continue reading

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Fire the Bum!

Last week I said the conservative’s free vote on the shale gas issue would be a real shemozzle for the tory mla’s…and I was right.  Instead of voting with their constituents, they opted to side with the gashole.  That being … Continue reading

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Hunting a##holes!

Last month I wrote about hunting moose with my father and brother.  It was one of the nicest experiences I’ve had in a long time and wanted to share it with everyone.  I must say the responses I’ve gotten about … Continue reading

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F$#@ You!

Maybe it’s the full moon, or the nuthouse is giving out day passes.  Whatever the case, I’m inclined to believe the city of Moncton has the highest-per-capita of morons in the province.  In my ever continuing saga of hauling stones … Continue reading

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