December Blahs!

What’s great about December? Not much if you’re like me and think Christmas has ad2become a boring, money-sucking, waste of time. Asides from the pleasure I get from spending time with family and friends, this holiday is total bomb… It’s no wonder people get so depressed this time of year. Anyway, I won’t ramble on about it. Check out my archives and you’ll see why I really despise the Ho Ho Ho holiday.

I do enjoy winter though. This one hasn’t been great as far as the weather goes if you’re ac4into snowmobiling, snow-shoeing, skating, or pretty much any activity that requires some cold temperatures. Most days are drizzly, damp, and depressing. If the holiday mud and mire are getting you down, here’s a story that will perk you up. Just click on the link!

This year, if you must give ’em a gift, give ’em one that they can enjoy, cherish and keep until the end of time. That’s right, one of my books, or better yet, all of ’em! my booksHere’s a link that’ll put you in the right place. And thanks!


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