Racists, Bigots and Bilingualism

Well, well, well. The bilingual beast has reared its ugly head once again in New Brunswick. bing1Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more stupid around here, they did! Apparently it’s unconstitutional for English and French children to ride on the same school bus in this province. At a time when our education department is 500 million bucks in the hole, (that isn’t a misprint) Serge Rousselle, our bigot-elect, is planning on sending out more buses so that the kids won’t have to ride together. See the whole story here. http://www.nationalpost.com/m/wp/blog.html?b=news.nationalpost.com%2F2015%2F03%2F26%2Fn-b-education-minister-angry-after-learning-french-and-english-students-have-been-sharing-a-school-bus

He’s also planning on laying off teachers  to offset the department’s shortfall. Well, on bing2behalf of the entire province, let me be the first to tell you, Mr. Rousselle, you’re an idiot! What is point of having more buses, when there are going to be less teachers to send the students to? And what sort of message is this sending to our kids? French and English can’t travel together. Does that mean this generation will need two separate forms of public transit?

NDP MP Yvon Godin says, “It’s not a good idea, it’s not acceptable and the Francophones bing3will not accept it.” I guess he’s indicating the Acadian Mafia is alive and well. They won’t accept it? Will they accept the fact that this province is damn near bankrupt? This isn’t just a francophone issue, there’s plenty of blame to go around. It wasn’t that long ago that the COR party was here, trying to stamp on the rights of Francophones in the province.

That being said, It’s time to revisit the constitution. Various parts of bilingualism are not bing4working in this province. In a place with a small population that’s shrinking, we do not need two health care authorities to serve patients in both languages.  We do not need two separate school systems to have French and English schools. And we damn well don’t need more buses because of language issues! European countries where speaking two, three and even four languages is the norm, must think we’re some laughing stock. Well I’m not laughing. This is beyond insane. It’s unacceptable. Time for a change people!
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11 Responses to Racists, Bigots and Bilingualism

  1. robea Dewitt says:

    this is insane first of all I am French,, are they scared the children will marry to each other let them be together on the same bus no harm will come of it and I agree when there is 5 english people and 1 english person around we are polite and we speak english cause we know both language but I can see this bilingual thing is not working after 30 years since its started and everyone is not speaking both language yet in New Brunswick ,,

    • Clark Graham says:

      I remember clearly A number years ago that the ones that put the programs in the English school to make the English bilingual said it themselves that it was not going to work. It true. There is a number of English that can speak French and English but they will never be considered bilingual if and because their name is English. That is not idea but fact try to apply to a gov job with an English name and see what happens even if you say you are bilingual. After this length of time It did not work and will not work ever unless the goal was all the time was to make all job in gov French and have total control of NB. Guest what? It worked they do have control. Look at the head lines in the papers. Need I say more.

  2. roedogg71 says:

    Government can always screw up things more.

  3. siamese says:

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/646875082066019/ ………..Have your say about duality, click here!!!

  4. amanda says:

    Is it no wonder people are leaving New Brunswick. Bilingualism just is not working. Why? Because nothing I’d being done to truely create a province of bilingual citizens. Seperating every service does nothing to protect froncophones from losing their culture a does nothing to help anglophones learn french. Francophones may say what they like but when it comes to empoymen their children are far ahead of anglophone children simply by going to a french school and knowing a little English yet an anglophone child enrolled in French immersion is not considered bilingual. That is what’s wrong. As a former New Brunswicker and Anglophone I can tell you the core French program does nothing to actually teach you French. I’d love to know French but congigating verbs over and over each year does nothing to learn it, I can tell you the food names and ask simple questions but that’s about it. Bilingualism should be about ensuring all students can learn BOTH languages. It should be giving every student a fair chance at employment based on skill. I truely believe by combing services and making sure everyone can be served in the language they feel most comfortable speaking wed go a lot further. If anglophone students and frankophone students were combined they’d be immersed in both languages and have a fair chance at learning BOTH. The current system is doing nothing but saying were different from them and we need to be separate. To be a truely bilingual province the majority of people need to speak both languages not the majority speaking one but jobs being offered to a minority. Lord forbid the French and English actually socialize.

  5. Eric says:

    Come to Quebec where segregated systems are the norms and racist run rampant.

  6. Heather says:

    I am currently visiting friends in Italy where their children go to an international school. They take language 1 and language 2 courses which means they take course in their first language of choice and courses in their scene language of choice. So example theses girls take English, math and biology in English, they take French, chemistry and history in French and they also take German and Spanish as additional languages and they speak Italian at school and on the street. Their parents are Swedish, English and French (mother) and Spanish, English and French (father). And their parents are responsible for teaching about their culture. I discussed the NB issue with them and find it ridiculous. This is not an issue of anti French or anti bilingualism… It is about anti double standards, anti duality and a financially and morally bankrupted province. I travel the world to learn and experience other culture. No one is trying to steal a culture away… We are trying to stay afloat. Take a lesson from Europe and stop this foolishness. We are not being racist by saying this is insane, but it sure sounds racist that we can not ride on the bus with francophones. Change English and French to black and white and see how that sounds.

  7. Wayne McQueen says:

    This is due to the lobbying of the Acadian Society, and their backers at the University of Moncton. Unfortunately racists and bigots like the Education Minister, who is putting his cultural bigotry against what is best for all of the people of NB. He was elected to trump English rights in favour of garnering favour with the Acadian Society. Then there is the issue of retired Supreme Court Justice, Michel Bastarache, who advises his fellow racists on how to threaten court challenges if they don’t get their way, on any issue regarding the French language in NB. This man could care less that the province is basically bankrupt, or where they are to get the money to satisfy those demands, other than raise taxes in English communities. Perhaps it’s time to repeal Loius Robichaud’s Equal Opportunities Program, and let the Acadian Peninsula go into disrepair, or until they decide to quit with the demands, are try to live peacefully with English NBer’s. Or the other option is for English speaking NBers to hold off paying their property taxes until the Acadian Society quits with their constant unreasonable demands.

  8. Karine Pitre. says:

    Instead of doing this ridiculous message let’s talk about all the expenses the government nb is doing. You want examples??? Well let me tell you ,you gonna get some. First of all, NB Power truck at Tim Horton for hours and the workers is inside having coffee. The Vet. shopping at night with the government truck. The D.O.T. worker traveling for nothing with the truck again, Event a bus driver picking up his construction material with the school bus!!! The Rangers traveling with truck all over doing what?? Nothing.What about the direction of hospital!!! To much directors not enough nurse and doctors. Cut the stupid program. They send me to a program of heart function,what they done?? Check my pressure , heart beats, my weight and my high …common i do that myself home every day, no need to go at the Hospital for that!!! Plus my doctor is there for that. How many peoples work there??? Send them to take care of patient in the Hospital.And you the government MLA or Minister cut the expenses and leave the education and health system and old peoples alone. You don’t have money but you gave million to the mine who don’t event need it. So stop being so stupid.And wake up.

  9. Sonya says:

    Bilingualism should mean acceptance and education (both sides learning from and about each other), it should NEVER be about separatism. Separating children purely on the basis of their first spoken language will rob them in many ways. Is anyone else here reminded of another story in the not-so-distant past? Will they also be forced to use separate entrances to buildings? Separate bathrooms? Separation fosters resentment, which leads to unfounded hate – is this really the world we want to live in?

  10. Michèle Landry says:

    WTF !

    This sounds like a french story that we hear in Quebec……

    Je suis une Québécoise,vivant au Québec and was partly raised in NB. Though my parents are french, english was the first language i learned. At 14, moved up to Quebec and learned french with much difficulty! Aujourd’hui , je suis parfaitement bilingue!!!!! Je suis normal , mariée, une carrière professionnelle exceptionnelle et 2 merveilleux enfants. It is un PRIVILÈGE to speak deux langues and not some kind of disease…. If i stand correctly, Canada was built by English , French , Acadians on a Indian native land !!
    So now….. Tel me what the problème is??? J’ai toujours été fière de dire que j’ai grandi au NB , que mes racines profondes viennent de la N-E , that english where not as narrow minded that the french…. Who are these people? D’où vienne-y-il pour tenir ce genre de discours dégradant??

    Ceci me désole….

    A french/english Canadian and who is damn proud of it!!

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