We say that this province, and our country for that matter is a


democracy, and that we live in a democratic society. But the truth is, the province of New Brunswick is more like a monarchy. Irving is king and they have several puppets to do their bidding for them. At the moment marionette  Alward is in control of the province, but he could be replaced but at any time by marionette Gallant.

As long as this idiotic system remains in effect, this province will


continue to decline, both economically and and population-wise. A new party needs to be elected, and if and when that happens, our province needs a complete overhaul. I’m going to say things now that most politicians are afraid to, but I don’t care. They need to be said.

How to fix New Brunswick’s economy!
1. Get rid of our two hospital corporations. This has nothing to do with bilingualism. There are enough bilingual health care workers in the system for people to be served in their own language. My only complaint is that L’nu do not (Aboriginals). At a cost of tens of millions of dollars, having two health corporations in a province this size is ridiculous.
2. Give the crown lands back to the people. Allowing the province’s forests to be raped by a handful of corporations was a moronic idea. Under the current system, over half of the province’s mills have disappeared in just a few short decades. Many jobs have been lost. Who gained? A few corporate giants, and the crooked politicians that go along with this nonsense. Small businesses will flourish, creating jobs if they can have access to the crown.
3. Legalize marijuana. That’s an evil one, but wasting millions of dollars chasing and persecuting less than 10% of the offenders is quite insane. Grass is here to stay, instead of bancrupting ourselves over it, why don’t we profit from it? Remember prohibition? History is repeating itself once again. Wake up people!
4. Sub Contract. There are many sectors in our government that are run so poorly that it’s an embarrassment. If the heads of these departments looked at their operating costs, then put the same projects up for bids, they would be more than shocked at how much cheaper the private sector can do the same work. Millions saved annually, it’s a no brainer!
5. Sell Hydro. It’s no secret that the location of our province is perfect for exporting hydro to the USA. It’s also no secret that fossil fuels are going the way of the dodo bird. We have the geography, the technology and the manpower to develop wind, solar and tidal power. On a giant scale. Invest in these technologies and reap the benefits for decades to come.

These are just 5 ideas. There are so many others out there. We just need to kick the monarchy-style thinking, and the monarchy itself to the curb. It’s time, New Brunswick. Before we fall over the financial cliff that we are teetering on at this very instant.

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