Yay me! We all have to toot our horns once in a while, so I’m going funny hit2to toot mine… My third book is coming out later this year. A totally gory murder fiction situated in the frozen north. Hence the name, “Frozen Blood.” I’m totally stoked about it. Here’s the plot…

When starving polar bears get stranded waiting for an ice flow on an island in Hudson Bay, they start killing one another. Newspaper owner Kevin Ennis sees the perfect opportunity to get rid of his cheating wife, who’s a reporter and her lover, a photographer. He sends them to the island, hoping they’ll get attacked and eaten. The plan goes awry when a serial killer on the run from a mine in Northern Ontario gets stranded on the island with them.
Fisheries Officer William McDaniel is being hounded by his wife and colleagues to retire. When his partners fail to return after making a routine check of the island, he has no choice but to make a rescue attempt by himself in the face of an impending storm. When he finally reaches the island, he finds himself caught in a war between survivors and the bears themselves. In the end, the only way to escape is to do it old school.

Meanwhile my novel, “The Vision”, inches closer to becoming a feature film. I sold the movie rights last year and have been working on the screenplay. It’s been a lot of work, but a lot of fun and a real learning experience.  Work is never work, when you enjoy what you’re doing!

Get the Vision today, you’ll be glad you did. Just follow the link and wpid-Vision.jpegthanks eh!

wpid-rum_runners1e600x912pxSAMPLE.jpgAnd don’t forget rum runners

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