What happened to your house?????

People are wonderful. I’m still amazed, weeks later, at how generous fire3and kind the community has been since my house burned down.  Everywhere I go, people offer their condolences, ask if they can do something to help, and drop of things to help out. I am, however, getting a bit perplexed by the same questions over and over. For instance, people keep coming up to me and asking, “What happened to your house?”  Hmm, that’s pretty obvious,  it burnt…..

Being the creative sort, I’ve come up with a list of answers that are certain to make people wonder why they asked the question; “What happened to your house?”

1. You can’t cook crystal meth and bacon on the same stove top.

2. Stevie Wonder is a great singer, but his wiring skills are lacking.

3. Molotov Cocktails don’t belong in the wine cellar.

4. The still was acting up….

Even in the face of tragedy, I remain as simple headed as ever. It’s nice to know some things never change…

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Thanks eh!


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