Laughter, the best medicine…

It’s been a difficult couple of weeks to say the least. Losing everything you own

don't come looking for my support...

don’t come looking for my support…

to fire certainly give you a different perspective on things. I think what bothers me the worst is every time I think of something that I need, I remember right afterwards that I don’t own it anymore because it has burnt. Ugh! Even the gun in this photo got fried. Actually, my entire collection did.

However, there’s no point in dwelling in the past. Nobody got hurt in the fire, and that’s all that really matters. To keep my spirits up, I’ve been looking around for stuff on the net that makes me laugh. And there’s lots of it. Like Pinky the cat for example. Who wouldn’t want this lovable little guy for a pet?

It’s been snowing all day, of course that means people should take care driving. Well, according to this next video, not everyone has the good sense to park their car when it’s not fit to be on the road.

Or how bout this idiot….

And last but not least, the well spoken and classy Mayor Rob Ford…

There’s a lot out there to smile about. If you want a big smile on your face for days on end, follow the links and help yourself to one of my books. And thank you very much!


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2 Responses to Laughter, the best medicine…

  1. Bev Blakney says:

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your home. Just glad to hear that you and your family got out safely.
    I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed reading Rum Runners. It was awesome.
    Keep up the good work! I am, already, looking forward to your next book as your writing skills
    seem to keep improving with everything you write.

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