Partridge Fail, Deer Fail, just plain old fail…..

Sometimes I wonder why I hunt. Well, I know why, I love the great outdoors, and ap4spending time in the forest. I just wonder why I even bother bringing a gun with me. It’s not like I’m ever going to get anything. But just like a migratory bird with its wings clipped, I still go through the motions. Like last fall’s disastrous outing, ; today was no exception.


I was walking down a trail in the woods, feeling smug for once. Yesterday’s rain had fordsoaked the leaves that littered the trail and I was able walk quietly instead of my usual bulldozer-in-a-minefield march. I scoured the trees and forest floor for any signs of movement, like Toronto’s mayor on the hunt for a crack rock. As I inched silently around a turn in the trail, I spied a partridge hunched down low beside a stump, no more than 15 yards away.


I started raising the gun and pulled back the hammer. Before it moved into the lock jason2position, the hammer slipped from my thumb.. The 410 shotgun roared, still pointed towards the forest floor. The partridge escaped unharmed, but I did manage to bag a branch and a rock with one shot. Yeesh! After several moments of profuse swearing, I reloaded the gun and started on my way again, hopeful that the shotgun blast hadn’t scared away everything in the entire province.


As I walked along, I kept recalling the image of the partridge by the stump. I’m pretty sure ford1it was sticking its tongue out at me. Well the next one wouldn’t be so lucky. I kept kept staring at every stump, rock and brush pile on the ground, certain there would be some high speed poultry hiding behind it. I was so engrossed with a fallen spruce, I failed to notice a partridge on a limb right beside me. That bird took off like a KFC escapee and almost clipped me in the head. I never had time to shoot, I was too busy ducking. Once my heartbeat returned to normal, I headed back to my truck, telling myself over and over that I’d never go hunting again. Until tomorrow.

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