Good News, Crazy Stuff, Laughter!

We all need some good news now and again. Living the lives we do, ingesting all the bad jason2news and reports coming at us from the radio, television and the internet, it’s enough to drive a person into a depression. So today I’m just posting stuff that will make you smile, or at least forget about your own troubles for a bit. I came across this story on the web the other day and really enjoyed it. I hope you do to.

jtv2I also headed out into the bush in search of the one and only bigfoot! Check out the video here, soon to be all over the news when the world discovers this amazing and rare footage. There’s nothing like being crazy I tell you!

My novel about rum smuggling in New Brunswick is now available! During the dark days vrumrunsampleof prohibition, Port villages became hotbeds of liquor smuggling. Follow the link to get your copy of this entertaining historic fiction, and thank you!

And ‘The Vision’, a tale of deception and murder, of which I sold the movie rights to in vision22January of this year. It’s a page turner! Get yours today and thank you!

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