End the Fracking Protests in New Brunswick! Time For a vote on Shale Gas!

It has been a week since the RCMP, armed to the teeth, clashed with a group of peaceful

rcmp member chokes an unarmed protestor

rcmp member chokes an unarmed protestor

protestors just outside of Rexton, NB. The protestors were blocking SWN’s compound, trying to stop the Texas-based gas company from continuing their seismic testing in search of shale gas. Police showed up in riot gear, and even with snipers. The confrontation grew violent, spurred on by the police’s heavy-handed tactics. By the time it was over, a half-dozen police cars were torched, and dozens were arrested. http://www.montrealgazette.com/mobile/news/national-news/RCMP+Brunswick+enforce+injunction+against+shale/9047164/story.html


I, as well as many others have had enough of this. I have been to every protest so far, and

RCMP Snipers


there is no violence, no threat of any kind. Just people from all walks of life expressing their concerns about the environment and the potential damage that shale gas could do to it. The Irving owned media in this province’s coverage has been nothing short of ridiculous, their reporting of the the event made it look like Al-Qaeda was at the gates of the SWN compound (the compound by the way, is owned by Irving and it’s no secret that they are pro shale gas).


Secretly,elsi 1 I think Premier David Alward wishes he’d never opened this can of worms, as it’s now turned into a global issue. (Yes, that’s Adam Sandler in the picture.) Support is coming in for the protestors from all over the world. But there’s no way Alward can back down now, or he can forget about becoming a board member for gas and oil companies and get filthy rich once his political career is over. By the way David, your political career is over. At least you’ll have no problem buying bottled water when you’re collecting a huge paycheck from SWN or some other Oil company. While the rest of us watch our beautiful province turn into a wasteland.


This is a no brainer folks, there are people in this province who support shale gas elsi 4exploration, and people that don’t. Of the people that do, a percentage of them want it on a small scale to start, another percentage would like to see it in remote areas at first to see if there’s an environmental impact, and some would like to see it go full steam ahead. So for the majority of us, we’re getting screwed whether we want it or not. So why not put it to a vote? The Green party is asking for it, http://www.greenpartynb.ca/en/newsroom/media-releases/261-green-party-leader-wants-free-vote-on-shale-gas and I agree with them. Let us decide if there’s to be shale gas in this province or not. It doesn’t matter what party you support (I don’t support any), it’s just a good idea.


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