Mein NB Power Kampf!

As an author, one of the challenges I face is competition. Enter any bookstore or library funny hit2and you will find it chock full of titles, thousands to be sure. It can make even the most esteemed writer feel a tad nervous, as potential customers have so many choices when they enter the store. And it’s the same online. Visit any of the major book websites and you will find so many books that you could spend the entire day reading just the covers alone.


But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Competition is great, as it gives the reader plenty of funny hit1choices, and keeps prices fairly reasonable for them (I hope).  Imagine being in a place like pre- world war 2 Germany where Mein Kampf (My Struggle) by Adolf Hitler became required reading. It forced an entire country to be exposed to his warped views, and made him fabulously wealthy. Lack of competition doesn’t benefit anyone except the author.


Apparently this model of business hasn’t worked for NB Power. The entire province has no funny hitchoice but to buy hydro from them at their rates, and they still can’t turn a profit. A five hundred million dollar deficit? Imagine if they were in a market where there was actually competition and they couldn’t feast at the trough like they’ve been doing. It would certainly be a Mein Kampf for them. They would’ve been out of business years ago.


I’d really like the chance to see what’s going on in management at that place. I’m sure it jason2would be stranger than any fiction that I can come up with. As a matter of fact, I’d like the opportunity to run the utility. What does an author know about running a corporation? Well, by the dismal numbers that they are turning out right now, I’d say they don’t have a thing to lose. Sign me up guys, before you become the subject of my next book….

Coming Soon, “Rum Runners” a fiction by me! In the meantime, get your copy of “The vrumrunsampleVision” today. Just follow the link and thank you!

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