Every day it seems were plagued by bad news. Mass shootings, mass pollution, mass tv3poverty and suffering. It’s a never-ending chain of depression. Even my blogs have a downcast tone lately, as I seem to have too many topics of doom and gloom to rant about. Luckily, there are still some heroes in the world, and thinking about the sacrifices they make reminds me that there is still a lot of good out there, and hope for all of us. So today I’d like to talk about my two favourites.


Jody Vautour has been an ER nurse for many years. If you’ve been in an accident, or need

Jody and her 2 beautiful daughters

Jody and her 2 beautiful daughters

immediate care of any kind, when you get to the hospital the ER nurse is the one to greet you, stabilize you and help you start the healing process. I have the utmost respect for someone like Jody, who has dedicated her life to helping others. Long shifts, long lines of patients await her and those like her whenever they go to work, but they do it over and over again. Jody is an inspiration, a tireless worker, and she’s also my sister!


Christopher Lawson is a man of many talents. A certified truck driving instructor, a

Christopher Lawson

Christopher Lawson

mechanic, truck driver, gunsmith, and a talented musician. And recently he became something else. Christopher decided that he would like to become a volunteer fireman. I’ve always been in awe of firefighters. Especially volunteer ones. Men and women that will risk their life to save people’s homes and lives, without any expectation of recompense. Helping others is reward enough. When I asked him why he decided to become a fire fighter he answered, “So I could give something back.” We are so fortunate to have people like Christopher in our communities keeping us safe. Did I mention he’s my brother?


To all of you out there who dedicate your lives to making our world a better place, you have my utmost thanks. And I must say, having a brother and sister who have taken up such noble endeavours makes me very proud. It’s people like you that restore my faith in humanity. Until next time.

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4 Responses to Heroes!

  1. Tricia says:

    Aww that was the sweetest story a brother can write about his siblings, I’m sure they are very proud of you also. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Allan Hudson says:

    There are many heros we rub shoulders with everyday, thanks for reminding us Jason.

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