Peaceful Fracking Protesters Arrested in New Brunswick, the new Iron Curtain

The Iron Curtain fell in the Soviet Union decades ago. The cold war, while it lasted, fra3spawned fear and distrust among everyday citizens, along a multitude of novels and movies romanticizing and glorifying the simmering conflict between Eastern Europe and the United States. Many of us living in North America will never have the chance to experience a life of oppression in a police-run state, and thankfully so.


However, if you’d like to have a communist experience and find out what it’s like to be 1darrested and persecuted for stating your beliefs, look no further than the province of New Brunswick. You don’t need to book a flight to Siberia in order to feel the crushing iron fist, just voice your displeasure about fracking. You’ll instantly be arrested, cuffed and hauled off to prison like a 1970’s spy. You don’t even need to be violent. Praying or singing will get you a one way ticket to the nearest RCMP (or is that KGB?) Station for a stay in the slammer.


Run by the Dictator known as Davidous Alwardoff, New Brunswick is no longer a safe far1place for citizens to think and express themselves freely. As I write this, I have my dogs positioned towards the door in case it’s broken down and I’m arrested by law enforcement. The dogs won’t bite them, but may lick them long enough for me to make a hasty retreat. Being a free thinker, I realize that my days of writing such articles are numbered, because if the noxious fumes from the gas wells don’t drive me insane, I’ll just be tossed in the clink anyways.


Funny, isn’t it. A real laugh. We live in a democratic society where are votes are supposed fra2to count and our voices are supposed to be heard. Well not here for the time being. I can tell you without a doubt, if Davidous Alwardoff allows us to have an election in the near future, he’ll be on a line himself. An unemployment line. Whether you are for fracking or against it, you should have a say as the matter is so important. In a democratic society you would. But not in New Brunswick. The new Iron Curtain.

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3 Responses to Peaceful Fracking Protesters Arrested in New Brunswick, the new Iron Curtain

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  2. N. C. Strabac says:

    Agree 100% with what you are saying ….Recently took petitions around South Branch, and Balla Phillip….others took them thru West Branch, and East Branch, and half way up the one refused to sign when I sister-in-law had 3 people refuse, only one because he supported the industry. People thanked me repeatedly for giving them a voice..People asked me to thank the protestors,and the people of Elsipogtog…As disgusting is that this issue is not being truthfully reported in main stream media…
    Have you seen the video called( something like) List of the Harmed…names collected of people medically affected by exposure to shale gas toxins.its an eye opener…We are in a collective mess, and no steps we’ve taken over the last 3 years ,to learn and take actions in positive ways to stop this insanity, so far have stopped the industry….nobody wants it, few will be enriched by it, and we are all going to be negatively affected forever, if its allowed to continue… I fear for the safety of protesters, after seeing how aggressive the rcmp are ..
    Thank you for your public opinion, which it turns out, is the way most people see it ,as well.

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