The world’s laziest blogger returns….

If there is a ranking system for bloggers, I’m pretty sure I’d be getting a big, fat zero lately. vision22My site has been emptier that Mother Hubbard’s cupboard. It’s not that I didn’t want to write. Au contraire, nothing bothers me more than not being able to click the keys on my computer. I just got busy with other things. Since I sold the movie rights to “The Vision”, I’ve had to spend a lot of time working on the screenplay. And I’ve been driving truck again. Certainly busier than your average senator…


Speaking of which, I think I’d like to join the senate. Truck driving and writing are for the md1birds anyway. Any kind of work is, when you can get paid the big bucks with all the perks to lay back and do diddly squat. Getting a senate post kind of reminds me of the “set for life” lottery, except the lottery actually runs out after 20 years. In the senate, as long as you’re still a breathing, wasteful, leech on the rectum of society, you keep getting paid.


It’s quite ironic to have something as archaic as the senate in this day and age. We are mdconstantly being told by the government, both federal and provincial that times are tough. “Tighten up those belts, expect less services, the economy isn’t stable, suck it up people.” Yet we have to support a building full of do – nothings who are paid better than most hard working Canadians. It’s time to abolish the senate, once and for all. Forget reforming it, just close it up and rent out the building.

Get your copy of “the vision” today. just follow the link and thanks eh!


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4 Responses to The world’s laziest blogger returns….

  1. Allan says:

    You’re so right Jason, you could be the leader of the Get Rid of the Senate” Good idea.

  2. Nancy Strabac says:

    Welcome back…wondered what was up with you..

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