Elections, bi elections. bye bye….

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Brian Gallant on winning the by election in

"Thank you Kent County...now where is that again?"

“Thank you Kent County…now where is that again?”

Kent Centre. Maybe this is a bit confusing because the by election isn’t for another week or so. No matter, I’m declaring him the winner already. And not because I particularly like the guy or the party. As a matter of fact, I got to hear him speak not too long ago. I’m pretty sure he could give heartburn to even the most robust Billy goat.

I’m declaring him the winner because it’s the Kent County way. If we gave the Billy goat

potential Kent liberal MLA

potential Kent liberal MLA

some antacids, and put a liberal banner on him, he’d be our next MLA. I’m not even sure why. Our last representative was former Premier Shawn Graham. He did some great work around here, but he also tried to trade NB Power for a cow and some magic beans. He also was found guilty in a conflict of interest scandal that cost us taxpayers about 70 million dollars and had to resign. But we’ll still vote liberal.

I wish there was an alternative, but right now there isn’t. The NDP and conservative

"I'm voting liberal, the rest of you can $%^&"

“I’m voting liberal, the rest of you can $%^&”

candidates are not going to do anything. I hate to say it, but neither one of them have enough steam to overtake the liberals, even if they were led by the Billy goat. In order to defeat the goat, they’re going to have to find candidates that are special, larger than life even. Jimmy Bourque and Suzanne Levi-Peters are not the ones to do it.

For years I’ve been preaching that we need to get out there and vote. People in other

don't come looking for my support...

don’t come looking for my support…

countries lay down their lives for that privilege. Every election I cast a ballot, sometimes I have to hold my nose when I do it, cause picking the least rotten of the group is pretty smelly sometimes. This time, I may go against my better judgement and not vote at all. Cause I really don’t see a point. There just isn’t anything here that interests me in the least. For a political junkie like myself, that’s a pretty sad scenario.

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