The Pope, the Gorilla and the Writer…

I haven’t been a very good blogger lately. Not that I stopped writing, as a matter of fact I’ve jtvbeen busier than ever. Putting a screenplay together is a lot of work. But a lot of fun too I might add. So, now that I’m dabbling in the film industry, I think it’s time I leaped into it with both feet and started my own television show. The big question is; what about? It should be intelligent, thought-provoking and maybe even a bit risque….

Like Finding Bigfoot. I love the concept of this program. A bunch of knuckleheads go in jtv2the woods every week, looking for a creature that may not exist, they never find it and they never get canceled. It’s Brilliant! It could go on for years, maybe even decades. But if you ask me, Bigfoot isn’t a big enough challenge. Oh, there could be one hiding in the woods behind your house, maybe at a woodlot up the road, or at a local tavern on ladies night. I want to go after something that’s totally elusive and never been seen. An honest politician….

Maybe that’s too much of a stretch. I’d probably have a better chance of finding a Quebec Sepapv4ratist trying to drum up business in Alberta. Choosing a new pope seems to be a pretty popular thing. Maybe I could fly to the Vatican with a camera crew, and help the cardinals come up with a new, more pope-ular leader. One thing’s for sure, if I could near that stove that signals that a new pope has been picked, the whole place would be in an uproar. Instead of a white or black smoke signal, I’d stuff the oven with some of the finest pop corn. What would it mean when fluffy kernels fly out the stack? The pope has popped?

Ah, there are so many good ideas, just how does one find the time to explore them all? vision22Where there’s a will there’s a way, my friends. All I need is a few individuals who are as equally crazy as I am, and we’ll be a hit, guaranteed. The boob tube will never be the same. In the meantime, check out my novel, “the Vision”. Just follow the link and treat yourself to a story written by me. Who else? And thanks eh!



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2 Responses to The Pope, the Gorilla and the Writer…

  1. Emily Hussey says:

    Jason, you crack me up…”the pope has popped”. You have a wonderful imagination and I enjoy reading your wild ideas and interesting thoughts.

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