The Prime Minister, The Premier, The Poodle…

Try as I might, I can’t seem to remember the last time I’ve been this proud to be a cf1Canadian. On days like this I could take to the streets in any town or village in this vast nation of ours, and no matter who I’d meet or encounter, we’d be on the same page when it comes to the current state of affairs in our country. And it’s all thanks to our esteemed leader Stephen Harper, who’s been sailing the Bill C 45 Ship from sea to sea to shining sea, unifying people from all walks of life.


Whether you’re an aboriginal, a recent immigrant, or a Canadian for generations,  you’ve abc2now got something in common. You want to throttle Stephen Harper. If he was one of your kids, you’d stand him in the corner and give him a time out.  You might even turn your back on the controversy of spanking, and paddle him like there’s no tomorrow.  Maybe he’s had a little too much majority candy, and the sugar’s gone to his head. Even some of the Atlantic premiers are speaking out, afraid that the fallout from C45 will destroy the seasonal businesses and operations running in the Maritime provinces.


I say some of the Atlantic Premiers with a heavy heart. It would be all of the Atlantic far1Premiers if not for the Premier of New Brunswick, David Alward, aka Stephen’s Poodle. When all the Atlantic Premiers came out against the changes to EI, Alward was nowhere to be found. Maybe King Stephen told him to roll over and play dead. And don’t expect a statement from him in support of the natives anytime soon. No doubt he’s been told to heel and be quiet on that issue as well.


On a brighter note, the latest polls suggest that Harper and his poodle will be test driving at1those new EI reforms real soon. In Atlantic Canada, the liberals have become the party to watch. As much as I’ll enjoy seeing these political pumpkin-heads punted to the curb, it’s still a hollow victory. Really, one party is no better than the other. It’s a lot like that old song really; “I say tomato, you say tomatoe…” Why can’t a new party emerge, led by someone who has the courage to stand up and make changes that actually benefit the average citizen? One that doesn’t have me thinking about vegetables and dumb dogs…. and of course… pigs!

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