Idle No More, Racism and the Americanization of Canada

Now that King Stephen Harper has agreed to a meeting with Chief Theresa Spence and a pt5delegation of first nation leaders, I should be pleased. But really I’m not. As a matter of fact, this whole issue is beginning to leave a bad taste in my mouth. In the last week, I’ve had the displeasure of reading statuses and opinions from both aboriginals and non-aboriginals that are nothing more than racist. I’ve seen everything from “lazy Indians looking for another handout” to “take our lands back from the useless white bastards”.


Let me be very clear on something. Those people, both native and non-native who are pt1trying to pit one side against the other need to:

a) Take a step back from the situation

b) Put on a cheap helmet

c) Go play in heavy traffic

In 21st century Canada, if you’re so narrow-minded that you are willing to publicly disrespect another person’s culture, then maybe you should really consider living somewhere else. Like it or not, we are a country made up of aboriginals and immigrants. Bill C 45 affects all of us, no matter who you are.


If good old King Stephen isn’t put in his place pretty soon, I’m guessing he’s going to pt4Americanize everything and anything. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next bill he passes declares the name of our country changed from Canada to Greater Seattle. These mega-bills he’s passing do nothing for Canada’s middle and lower class citizens, the only real beneficiaries are the corporations and the government itself. Sound familiar? Sounds like the good, old US of A.


In my opinion, it’s time for the governments to change. They need to become smaller, pt2more streamlined and in tune to what the people themselves want. The people that elected them in the first place. There are more ways to generate tax revenue than raping the earth of its minerals and fuels. We just need to start electing people who are a little more creative, and not in the giant corporations’ back pockets. Chief Spence is willing to jeopardize her health for the benefit of her people. Would King Stephen. I doubt it….


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6 Responses to Idle No More, Racism and the Americanization of Canada

  1. Tricia says:

    Thank you for reminding us all, that one person cannot change who we are, what color our skin is and what language we speak. We are human beings. We are Canadians also. I’m First Nation and proud of it, never ever thought that it would come down to this in Canada. One of the peacefullest countries.. Sadly to say were not at the top of the list anymore.. But I am one that hears and reads the racism remarks, I myself just turn and not continue reading it. I won’t fall into what the Gov’t wanted for so many years and what we tried to put back together already took years to do. Pray for our Country to heal.. Tahoe !!

  2. hitthelites says:

    thanks tricia, those are great comments

  3. Nancy says:

    Agree 100% on gov’t needing to be smaller,not raping natural minerals,and doing whats good for the people ,NOT CORPORATIONS…I am very afraid what people will do,when pushed to the wall, with the EI changes…Very uncertain times we are in….

  4. sarahbutland says:

    Of course I completely agree. This issue is so sensitive because it shouldn’t exist at all. We are Canadian, although we can do wrong we shouldn’t be doing so wrong towards each other. We need to respect who we are, how we came to be an know that a person is a person, Canadian or not. We need to stand up for what and who we are and Chief Theresa Spence is doing that, how strong and inspiring she is.

    I am Canadian, even under Harper’s reign, and I won’t let even him take that away from me.

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