Stephen Harper, Chief Theresa Spence, Bill C45 and the horror…

The last federal election here in Canada was about as exciting as watching paint dry. To be coal2honest, I’m a bit of a political junkie, but there just wasn’t any electoral janga to get excited over. Harper is about as boring as double-header chess match, and Ignatieff was in his own little world. I think the only bright light was Layton, who later succumbed to cancer. Really, when it was all over, I wasn’t disappointed or excited by the results. Harper did a fairly good job of steering the political ship through the stormy seas of the recession, so I figured he’d muddle along okay with a majority government.


I was wrong. Lately, he’s been slamming monster bills through parliament like there’s no abc2tomorrow. All without consulting the people who put him there in the first place. Us. At least when he was in a minority position, he couldn’t get away with stuff like this. Why is it when certain people or parties get elected, they forget that they are in fact, public servants?  Their job is to put the best interests of their constituents first. Bill C45 is a plan that tramps on the toes of a lot of Canadians.


At least the first nations people are doing something about it. Idle No More is gaining abc1steam right across the country, raising awareness about the flaws in these gargantuan bills Mr. Harper seems to be in love with. At this very moment, First Nations Chief Theresa Spence is on a hunger strike, intent on getting a meeting with our esteemed leader, who seems to take great pleasure in ignoring her entirely. This is just plain wrong. Chief Spence isn’t an ordinary citizen who woke up one morning and decided to get her face on the news, she’s a political leader who has followers, good ideas, and genuine concerns about her people as well as Canadians.


If Stephen Harper had any class whatsoever, he’d agree to a meeting. A sit down at least abc3over a cup of tea and a danish to discuss her concerns. If he can’t take the time to listen to a first-nations leader, will he listen to an average Canadian? I doubt it. That being said, maybe he’ll listen when we remind him that he isn’t the King of Canada, there is an election coming, and we’ll send him and his party into Ignatieff-land if he doesn’t calm down and remember that he is a public servant. We’ll just revive the great ABC campaign fired up by former Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams a few years ago; Anything But Conservative.

Get yourself a good read for over the holidays, written by none other than yours truly. Just vision22follow the link and voila…. a novel for the masses, and thanks eh!

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6 Responses to Stephen Harper, Chief Theresa Spence, Bill C45 and the horror…

  1. Kermit Vautour says:

    Very well said! I like reading your rants and your colums in the paper…I always look forward to what you will say next..Keep up the good work. Did you ever think of running in politics?

  2. Rob says:

    Jason, your one of the few people who could make a difference. why don’t you run? come on!

  3. Marc says:

    how sickening that someone has to starve themselves to get a word with the prime minister. Harper is a heartless jerk. Maybe if someone like you were in office, things like this wouldn’t happen. I’ve been readin your stuff or a long time. do us a faver and go for it….run

  4. Harper is not who a lot of people voted in, some who were against him didn’t even have a chance. From his ignorance of creativity and his fondness of US dictation it seemed we were doomed once he got in any power.

    Our country needs to rise above his ridiculous angst and feed the passion that once made Canada. Struggling artists of all ethnic groups need to stand up and dance for what they believe in. And it would help immensely to have a great guy like Jason (you) in power.

    Column in paper?? Which one? I want to read it. 🙂

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