Connecticut School Shooting,Gun Laws and Christianity

Another horrifying killing spree at a school. This time little children are the victims, mg3probably the most hideous crime imaginable. Defenseless, young kids and their teachers. Disgusting, tragic and absolute madness. And as usual, the media frenzy is just as sickening. News stations offering round the clock coverage of the tragedy as it unfolded, all in the name of ratings. When are we going to wake up and realize that the non stop, full-blown media assault is glorifying this type of action  for the mentally disturbed? As long as we keep giving these sickos their 5 minutes of fame, they’re going to keep doing this, over and over.


There’s a lot of stuff coming out of this in the media that’s making me angry. For one, the mg5ant-gun lobbyists are saying tighter gun laws would stop this from happening. No it won’t! Are you all insane? One only has to look at Canada and our failed gun registry to see that clamping down on guns is completely useless. When our registry was in effect, law-abiding citizens registered their weapons, and the criminals and sickos didn’t. It cost us billions of dollars and didn’t solve a damn thing. If a deranged person really wants to kill someone, he’ll use a gun whether it’s registered or not. And if he can’t get his hands on one, he’ll build a pipe bomb, use a machete, poison or whatever means necessary to get the job done. Tougher gun laws only tie the hands of the innocent. Last time I checked, a gun never killed anybody. It was the idiot pulling the trigger.


I’ve also heard people saying that the removal of Christianity from schools in the US could mg1be the reason this is happening. I can’t even fathom someone coming up with something so stupid. In the 21st century, where most people are aware and respect the different religions and cultures of their neighbors, making statements like that makes me think we’re headed back to the stone age on a speed boat. The only reason this is happening is because the media is making it attractive to those who are in need of emotional and mental help.



As a matter of fact, the only positive thing I’ve heard so far is some experts are mg4recommending if you see someone who might be planning something like this, then report them to the authorities as quickly as possible. If they’re about to commit an unspeakable crime, they’ll be stopped. We have to be more vigilant, especially when it comes to children. And if we could only get the media to stop swirling around these situations like vultures at a carcass, maybe then it would stop. But as long as ratings are involved, I guess we’ll never know.


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6 Responses to Connecticut School Shooting,Gun Laws and Christianity

  1. Well,we can evaluate all of the gods that are allowed inside today’s schools and see that they are ,and have been a dismal failure.They are called,by name,Darwinism,,Secular Humanism,,political correctness,subjective Morality, and Nihilism,among other things.If you must be dogmatic in a godless belief,at least free up our children by giving them permission to believe,pray and practice religion.It is so much easier to have reverence for life if you can conceive of it as being connected to something Holy.

  2. sarahbutland says:

    I agree with all of the above, Jason. To implement religion in schools is against the entire state/ religion separation and you would never be able to cover all the religions or lack there of that exists. Religion isn’t the answer, education and change is.

    There are a lot of conspiracies and tales that lead to what/who to blame. Myself, I want to mourn the loss of so many victims here and around the world. China, in fact, had a horrendous killing of 22* the day before, Afghanistan has it happen regularly. This is something happening worldwide where laws, religion, education systems, everything is different.

    We need to mourn and then question how this happens with all our laws and regulations, resources and easy access to education. We are all busy but it doesn’t take 15 minutes a day to understand there’s something bigger than us at stake.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Sarah Butland

  3. Part of a religious world view is respecting the religion of others even where we disagree.I only point out that where concepts of God and Holiness are absent from education,it becomes much easier to have no reverence for life..Human dignity,that we speak of as being inherent is only inherent to the extent that it recognizes we were created on Gods image and therefor have a need to engage with God. I’ve posted this on my own

    • hitthelites says:

      Being able to respect each other’s religion is exactly why religion has no place in school. There are simply too many different faiths out there. Bring one faith to school, while excluding the rest and suddenly you’re stepping on a lot of people’s toes. End of story.

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