Wildlife, Trees and Whales for sale

There so many things in this world that I don’t understand, so many bss3unanswered questions. I guess if I was to write down all of the things that puzzled me, I could make a book of them alone. So instead of doing that, I’m going to ask a few questions that seem kind of strange to me when you think about them all together. Fair enough?  For starters, how come we’re allowed to cut down trees and sell them?  Oh, the reasons for doing so are simple enough. We need the lumber for construction and paper, not to mention firewood. Seems simple enough. Or is it?


It’s perfectly legal to harvest the trees, yet it’s against the law to harvest what lives amongst bss5them. If the forests themselves aren’t sacred, why can’t we capture and sell deer, moose and bear? As I write this, I can just see the animal rights activists cringing…. but if we were to implement a controlled, sustainable harvest, wouldn’t it be feasible and acceptable? Before you all take offense to that question, please read on…


It’s not lawful or acceptable to harvest wild animals for profit, but it is perfectly okay to bss4do so with fish and other sea creatures.  Are they not wildlife as well? Who decided that we can’t catch moose and deer in a net and sell them, but it was okay to do so with cod and halibut? What makes one species sacred and another not?  It can’t be a question of intelligence. The last time I checked the Japanese were still whaling, and as I understand it, whales are some of the most intelligent animals on earth. So what’s the difference?


So there you have it. Some of nature’s bounty is for sale, some of it isn’t. I imagine some of bss6you will find this completely idiotic, while it will make others think. All I know for certain is, I can head to the woods tomorrow with my chainsaw and make a few bucks selling pulp, but if I get a moose and peddle the meat, I can expect a one way trip to the crowbar hotel. Do I think we should be selling wild game? Of course not. But I’d sure like to know who makes the rules, because when it comes to clear cuts and vanishing fish stocks, whoever is in charge might not be the sharpest tool in the shed.


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