Obama or Romney, Con man or thief…

It seems we’re overwhelmed this week with news from south of the border about the presidential race. Who will win, Obama or Romney?  Personally, as long there aren’t any of the Bush clan running for president, I could really care less. I’m still hoping someone puts the cuffs on George W. and tosses him in the Hague for being a war criminal. The rest of it is just trivial. Personally, I can’t imagine why anyone would want the job of being president. The head of the most powerful nation in the world?  More like the the head of the most broke nation in the world. Their debt is in the trillions. How do you recover from something like that? Somehow I doubt a bake sale and auction will do it.


The older I get, the more jaded I seem to be about politics in general. New Brunswick’s political scene, for example, has become more of a joke to me than anything else. The liberals recently picked their new leader who will deliver us from the clutches of the the clueless Alward. Big Deal. It doesn’t matter who’s in charge. If he can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time, I’m confident that he’ll be able to send the conservatives packing.


And what do we get?  More of the same. Nothing ever changes. Liberal or conservative, con man or thief. We toss out one bunch of embezzlers and elect a fresh faced crew, ready to line their pockets at the expense of the taxpayer. When will we have enough? What is it going to take to change the way we vote in this province, or this country for that matter? When we pollute our water with fracking? When we run out of money from bailing out failing businesses because they’re in the government’s back pocket? I for one, am totally sick of public servants who serve no one but themselves. I am sick of the whole system. I am ready for a new party to step forward with transparent policies who put the people first. Maybe I’m just dreaming….

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