Harper, EI, and Fixing the Problem!

If I had a dollar for every time I irritated a public figure or a corporation, I’d have a pretty good roll of money. Of course, it’s easy to make fools out of people who are just one step ahead of the nut house to start with. Take our esteemed Premier, David Alward. As I write this, I am imagining him trying to outrun several health care workers with butterfly nets. Ah, it’s a vision that warms the heart and soul.


A few years ago, I got in a row on CBC radio with the auto insurance companies for jacking our rates for no other reason than lining their own pockets. Well, now I got a bone to pick with Stephen Harper for the same reason. I’ve been talking to people about the looming changes to EI and everyone is upset. The seasonal workers are furious because come January 1st 2013, they may not qualify or be kicked off their claims. And the people who work year round are just as mad, because they’re paying for an insurance they’ll never be able to use.


That’s the brilliance of it all. At least to Stephen Harper. Being an economist and a budding Dictator, he seems to have a head for numbers. He knows that we Canadians pay auto and home insurance, hoping that we’ll never have to use it. So he’s decided to do the same thing with EI. The program itself isn’t in trouble. On the contrary, it’s been making a profit for years. The problem is, the party elect always winds up dipping their greedy, little hands into the EI cookie jar and using the funds elsewhere. So good old Stephen has decided to take it up a notch, and make it like mainstream insurance, where we all pay, but rarely collect.


So, I guess it’s time to do something radical. If you are a seasonal worker and are unable to collect EI come January, or if you work full time and are tired of paying for something you’ll never use, then let the feds know. On your next income tax return, claim your EI deductions as an expense and recover the money. Simply write, “I am not eligible for this, therefore I am not paying for it.”  It’s totally fair. If you choose not to insure your house or your car, there are consequences IF something happens. So if you’re never going to qualify for EI, then why pay for it?  If even 5% of us did this on our income tax returns, imagine the stink it would raise… It would smell so bad, even our elected hogs at the trough would notice.


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3 Responses to Harper, EI, and Fixing the Problem!

  1. yearousk says:

    Ok, I will show your blog to my accountant at tax time 🙂 Great job on the book, Jason! I’ve recommended it for my book club.

  2. yearousk says:

    Ok. I’ll see what my accountant says at tax time 🙂 Great job on the book, Jason. I recommended it to my book club for our next read.

  3. hitthelites says:

    thank you very much! I really appreciate that.

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