The Magic of Autumn

As I entered the forest, I could feel all the stress and pressure of modern living slowly slip away and disappear as I melted amongst the trees. Every step felt lighter, thanks to the foliage and branches that buffered out the noise of snarling traffic, persistent phone calls and text messages that we consider to be convenience. I’m not an advocate of returning to life in the 1800’s, but it is a relief to get away from it all once in a while.

Once I became accustomed to the silence, I tuned in to a different kind of noise. I sat on a stump, and listened. In the middle of the forest, a falling leaf becomes a crashing, banging projectile, as it bumps and bangs its way from the branch that it clung to so desperately to the forest floor. A squirrel’s angry chatter breaks the stillness with a sharpness that no ring tone could ever hope to mimic. And a woodpecker off in the distance hammered away like a carpenter, without the the idle chatter and swearing.

After a bit, I got to my feet and walked slowly, mesmerized by the leaves that were falling around me like snowflakes, a blizzard of red, yellow and orange. In the distance a partridge drummed it’s wings. I focused on the sound, intent on bagging a few birds for my dinner. As I crept along, my breath hung about me like a dense fog. Occasionally I would misstep, causing a branch to crack like a gunshot.


Before I knew it, my trek was over. It was time to return to work, the 21st century and to all the modern conveniences that come with it. I didn’t get any wild fowl on my excursion, but that’s no matter. Any sportsman knows, a day in the bush is a success, even if a shot is never fired. Enjoying nature and the tranquility is reward enough. Let’s just all hope that it gets preserved for future generations to enjoy.


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