World Bacon Shortage! Justin Trudeau! Are they connected?

Breaking news! The world may be on the verge of a bacon shortage! Oh God, I wish I was kidding but this stuff is too crazy to make up. It seems the high price of corn is forcing more and more hog farmers out of business. While I feel sorry for the farmers, what does this mean for the rest of us? Eggs and hamburger? Chicken wings? Doesn’t sound right, somehow. Whoever wrote this report never checked in with the New Brunswick Legislature. There’s no shortage of hogs there….


So Justin Trudeau plans on running for leader of the liberal party. Be still my beating heart. I don’t think he’ll have to run for it, walking will do just fine as I don’t see too many liberals falling all over themselves to become the head of a sunken ship. That being said, I suppose he’ll sail to victory over the tories at some point, because we Canadians love electing the same two moronic parties over and over again. No doubt his last name will help, as some people are still enamored with his father’s legacy. Does Stephen Harper have kids? Oh crap!


Today is the last day of New Brunswick’s annual 3 day moose hunt. No doubt the moose that survived the 72 hour pursuit are relaxing somewhere tonight.  Having a drink and telling tales about being wooed into clearings and fields by females with the sweetest of voices, only to be horribly surprised by humans dressed in orange, imitating the moose language of love. As the sun sets tonight, the moose are safe for another year, that is unless there’s a way to make bacon out of moose meat…



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